NCERT Class12 Huam health diesease lymph nodes,diarrhoea,vivax,RNA

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-3

Question No:1
In malaria, fever and chills occur every 3 to 4 days due to rupture of RBCs and release of which toxic substance?

(A) (a) Haemophilia
(B) (b) Hematocrit
(C) (c) Haemozoin
(D) (d) Haemoglobin

Question No:2
Sporozoites in mosquitoes are stored in

(A) (a) Intestine
(B) (b) Mouth
(C) (c) Salivary glands
(D) (d) Proboscis

Question No:3
Malarial parasites require two hosts, They are

(A) (a) Humans, female anopheles mosquito
(B) (b) Humans, Aedes Egypti
(C) (c) Cattle, female anopheles mosquito
(D) (d) Cattle, Aedes Egypti

Question No:4
After the injection of sporozoites in the blood of humans, which organ do they travel initially?

(A) (a) Lymph nodes
(B) (b) Brain
(C) (c) Lungs
(D) (d) Liver

Question No:5
The plasmodium parasite reproduces in liver by _____ and in blood by ___

(A) (a) sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction
(B) (b) asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction
(C) (c) spore formation, sexual reproduction
(D) (d) sexual reproduction, spore formation

Question No:6
Entamoeba histolytica causes _____ in humans

(A) (a) histolysis
(B) (b) amoebiasis
(C) (c) catharsis
(D) (d) sporogenesis

Question No:7
Stool with excess of mucous and blood clots is known as

(A) (a) Diarrhoea
(B) (b) Dysentery
(C) (c) Both (a) and (b)
(D) (d) None

Question No:8
Carrier for amoebiasis is

(A) (a) Entamoebia histolytica
(B) (b) Mosquito
(C) (c) House flies
(D) (d) Plasmodium vivax

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Question No:12
Ascaris is also known as

(A) (a) Common round worm
(B) (b) Common whip worm
(C) (c) Common thread worm
(D) (d) Common pin worm

Question No:13
In humans, ascaris causes

(A) (a) Filariasis
(B) (b) Ascites
(C) (c) Ascariasis
(D) (d) Malaria

Question No:14
Symptoms like internal bleeding, muscular pain, fever, anaemia, and blockage of intestinal passage occur in which disease?

(A) (a) Typhoid
(B) (b) Ascariasis
(C) (c) Malaria
(D) (d) Pneumonia

Question No:15
Contaminated water, vegetables and fruits with eggs of round worm causes

(A) (a) Filariasis
(B) (b) Ascariasis
(C) (c) Malaria
(D) (d) Pneumonia

Question No:16
Filariasis is also known as

(A) (a) Ascariasis
(B) (b) Elephantiasis
(C) (c) Ringworm
(D) (d) Amoebiasis

Question No:17
Wuchereria causes which disease in humans

(A) (a) Amoebiasis
(B) (b) Filariasis
(C) (c) Ascariasis
(D) (d) Ringworm

Question No:18
W. bancrofti infects which part of the human body?

(A) (a) Blood vessels of upper limbs
(B) (b) Lymph vessels of lower limb
(C) (c) Blood vessels of lower limb
(D) (d) Lymph vessels of upper limb