NCERT NEET biology Human health Disease questions from NCERT text

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-2

Question No:1
S.typhi spreads through

(A) (a) Air
(B) (b) Sexual contact
(C) (c) Contaminated food and water
(D) (d) Physical touch

Question No:2
Sustained high fever (390 to 40℃) and intestinal perforation in severe cases is a symptom of which disease?

(A) (a) Malaria
(B) (b) Typhoid
(C) (c) Cholera
(D) (d) Common cold

Question No:3
Which test is performed to confirm typhoid fever?

(A) (a) ELISA test
(B) (b) Widal test
(C) (c) Biopsy
(D) (d) Schick test

Question No:4
I was a cook by profession and spread typhoid through the food I used to cook,

(A) (a) Madam Curie
(B) (b) Mary Mallon
(C) (c) Rosalin Franklin
(D) (d) G.J Mendel

Question No:5


Question No:6
Pneumonia is caused by

(A) (a) Streptococcus pneumonia
(B) (b) Pneumococcus pneumonia
(C) (c) Haemophilus influenza
(D) (d) All of the above

Question No:7
Which part of the lungs is infected hi pneumonia?

(A) (a) Alveoli
(B) (b) Trachea
(C) (c) Bronchus
(D) (d) Terminal bronchioles

Question No:8
In which disease, lips and fingernails turn gray and in severe cases bluish?

(A) (a) Jaundice
(B) (b) Pneumonia
(C) (c) Typhoid
(D) (d) Malaria

Question No:9
Which of the following is not a bacterial disease?

(A) (a) Dysentery
(B) (b) Plague
(C) (c) Polio
(D) (d) Diphtheria

Question No:10
Pneumonia is spread by

(A) (a) Inhaling droplets/aerosols
(B) (b) Mosquito
(C) (c) Reusing syringes
(D) (d) Genetic disease

Question No:11
Common cold is caused by

(A) (a) Tobacco mosaic virus
(B) (b) Rhino virus
(C) (c) Rota virus
(D) (d) Adeno virus

Question No:12
In common cold, which part of respiratory system is not infected?

(A) (a) Nose
(B) (b) Respiratory passage
(C) (c) Lungs
(D) (d) All of the above

Question No:13
What is the one thing that is common between common cold and pneumonia?

(A) (a) Both are caused by same pathogen.
(B) (b) Both are caused by same vector.
(C) (c) Both are caused by droplet infection.
(D) (d) Both are incurable.

Question No:14
Malaria is caused by which species of plasmodium?

(A) (a) P. vivax
(B) (b) P. malaria
(C) (c) P. falciparum
(D) (d) All of the above

Question No:15
Plasmodium is a

(A) (a) Bacterium
(B) (b) Virus
(C) (c) Protozoan
(D) (d) Fungi

Question No:16
The most serious form of malaria, malignant malaria, is caused by

(A) (a) P. falciparum
(B) (b) P. vivax
(C) (c) P. malarial
(D) (d) All of the above

Question No:17
Plasmodium enters the human body as _____

(A) (a) Merozoite
(B) (b) Trophozoie
(C) (c) Hypnozoite
(D) (d) Sporozoite

Question No:18
The vector of plasmodium is

(A) (a) Male anopheles mosquito
(B) (b) Female anopheles mosquito
(C) (c) Aedes egypti
(D) (d) Sand worm