NEET NCERT Human health diesease pathoggens,virus,bile,AIDS,RNA

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-1

Question No:1
Which scientist, along with Norman Borlaug, brought ‘Green Revolution’ to India?

(A) (a) Kartikeyan
(B) (b) Murlidharan
(C) (c) Swaminanthan
(D) (d) Khurana

Question No:2
_____ varieties of wheat brought ‘Green Revolution’ to India,

(A) (a) American
(B) (b) Mexican
(C) (c) Peruvian
(D) (d) Chilean

Question No:3
Greeks like Hippocrates and Indian Ayurveda system considered health as _____

(A) (a) unbalance of certain ‘humors’
(B) (b) absence of certain ‘humors’
(C) (c) balance of certain ‘humors’
(D) (d) presence of certain ‘humors’

Question No:4
People with _____ were believed to have hot personality and would have fevers,

(A) (a) black bile
(B) (b) yellow bile
(C) (c) green bile
(D) (d) brown bile

Question No:5
Who discovered blood circulation?

(A) (a) William Harvey
(B) (b) Land Steiner
(C) (c) J.F. Watson
(D) (d) Edison

Question No:6
Which device was used by William Harvey to disprove ‘good humor’ hypothesis of health?

(A) (a) Cardiograph
(B) (b) Sphygmomanometer
(C) (c) Thermometer
(D) (d) Barometer

Question No:7
Which system of the human body is actually responsible for maintaining health?

(A) (a) Neuronal system
(B) (b) Circulatory system
(C) (c) Endocrine system
(D) (d) Immune system

Question No:8
Health is affected by

(A) (a) Genetic disorders
(B) (b) Infections
(C) (c) Lifestyle
(D) (d) All

Question No:9
A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being is termed as

(A) (a) Disease
(B) (b) Comfort
(C) (c) Health
(D) (d) Hygiene

Question No:10
Good health can be maintained by

(A) (a) Balanced diet
(B) (b) Personal hygiene
(C) (c) Regular exercise
(D) (d) All

Question No:11
_____ has been practised since time immemorial to achieve physical and mental health

(A) (a) Sports
(B) (b) Yoga
(C) (c) Aerobics
(D) (d) Gym

Question No:12


Question No:13
Diseases which are transmitted from person to person are called

(A) (a) Non-infections
(B) (b) Genetic
(C) (c) Infectious
(D) (d) Deadly

Question No:14
An infectious disease which is fatal is

(A) (a) Cold
(B) (b) Conjunctivitis
(C) (c) AIDS
(D) (d) Cholera

Question No:15
Disease causing organisms are known as

(A) (a) Vectors
(B) (b) Pathogens
(C) (c) Carriers
(D) (d) Parasites

Question No:16
Pathogens have to _____ within the environment of the host

(A) (a) adapt to attach
(B) (b) adapt to only body temperature
(C) (c) adapt to life
(D) (d) adapt to mutation

Question No:17
Typhoid fever in humans is caused by

(A) (a) Rotavirus
(B) (b) Salmonella typhi
(C) (c) Escherichia coli
(D) (d) Amoeba

Question No:18
Salmonella typhi generally enters which part of the alimentary canal?

(A) (a) Stomach
(B) (b) Large intestine
(C) (c) Small intestine
(D) (d) Mouth