NEET Ecosystem Objective Questions,solutions,answerspdfs,mcqs

Ecosystem Mock Exam-6

Question No:1

A. Lichens are pioneer species on rocks.
R. They secrete acids to dissolve rocks, helping in weathering and soil formation,

[A] A and R are both correct.
[B] A and R are both incorrect,
[C] A is correct but R is incorrect. [D] R is correct but A is incorrect.

Question No:2

Find out total number of true statements from the following.
(A) Primary succession, is a very slow process, taking thousands of years for the climax to be reached.
(B) All succession whether taking place in water or land, proceeds to a similar climax community, the mesic.
(C) As succession proceeds, the number and types of animals and decomposers also change
(D) Saprophytes are not given any place in the ecological pyramids even though they play a vital role hi the ecosystem.

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3 [D] 4

Question No:3

The amount of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, etc., present in the soil at any given time is referred to as:

[A] Standing state
[B] Standing crop
[C] Hydrarch [D] Xerarch

Question No:4

Nutrient cycling is known as:

[A] Biogeochemical cycle
[B] Calvin cycle
[C] Hatch-slack pathway [D] Krebs cycle

Question No:5

Standing state:

[A] Vary according to type of ecosystem
[B] Vary on seasonal basis
[C] Both (a) and (b) [D] None of the above

Question No:6

How many types of nutrient cycles are there?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3 [D] 4

Question No:7

The following elements shows gaseous type of nutrient cycles except:

[A] Carbon
[B] Nitrogen
[C] Oxygen [D] Phosphorus

Question No:8

The following factors regulate the release of nutrients into the atmosphere:

[A] Soil and moisture
[B] pH
[C] Temperature [D] All of these

Question No:9

Which nutrients flows through the sedimentary cycle?

[A] Sulphur
[B] Phosphorus
[C] Both (a) and (b) [D] Carbon

Question No:10

What percentage of the dry weight of an organism does carbon constitute?

[A] 60%
[B] 90%
[C] 49% [D] 35%

Question No:11

What percentage of global carbon does the atmosphere contain?

[A] 48%
[B] 71%
[C] 1% [D] 10%

Question No:12

How much carbon is fixed approximately in biosphere annually through the process of photosynthesis?

[A] 4×1013kg
[B] 4x 1010kg
[C] 4×108kg [D] 4×1020kg

Question No:13

Which of the following majorly regulates the amount of CO, in the atmosphere?

[A] Respiratory activities of the producers and consumers
[B] Decomposers
[C] Burning of fossil fuel [D] Oceanic reservoir

Question No:14

Human activities mainly influence the:

[A] Carbon cycle
[B] Nitrogen cycle
[C] Phosphorus cycle [D] Sulphur cycle

Question No:15

Phosphorus is a major constituent of:

[A] Biological membrane
[B] Nucleic acids
[C] Cellular energy transfer system [D] All of the above