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Ecosystem Mock Exam-4

Question No:1

Based on the source of their nutrient or food, organisms occupy a specific place in the food chain that is known as their ______.

[A] Hierarchy position
[B] Class
[C] Order [D] Trophic level

Question No:2

Herbivoures are:

[A] Producers
[B] Primary consumers
[C] Secondary consumer [D] Tertiary consumers

Question No:3

Plants are:

[A] Producers
[B] Primary consumers
[C] Secondary consumers [D] Tertiary consumers

Question No:4

Each tropic level has a certain mass of living material at a particular time called:

[A] Standing state
[B] Stranding crop
[C] Ecological pyramid [D] GPP

Question No:5

Stranding crop is measured in terms of:

[A] Biomass/unit area
[B] Number of organism/unit area
[C] Both (a) or (b) [D] None of the above

Question No:6

Measurement of biomass is generally done in terms of:

[A] Fresh weight
[B] Dry weight
[C] Ash [D] Numbers of organisms

Question No:7

Transfer of energy in tropic level follows:

[A] 20% law
[B] 10% law
[C] 5% law [D] 15% law

Question No:8

A graphical representation known as ______ is required to express food or energy relationship between organisms at different trophic levels.

[A] ecological pyramid
[B] standing state
[C] ecological quadrilateral [D] standing crop

Question No:9

Ecological pyramids are based on:

[A] Food chain
[B] Food web
[C] Energy flow [D] All of these

Question No:10

How many ecological pyramids are usually studied?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3 [D] 4

Question No:11

Ecological pyramids are:

[A] Pyramids of number
[B] Pyramids of biomass
[C] Pyramids of energy [D] All of the above

Question No:12

Which of following pyramid is always upright?

[A] Energy
[B] Biomass
[C] Number [D] All

Question No:13

An inverted pyramid of biomass is seen in:

[A] Forest ecosystem
[B] Grassland ecosystem
[C] Aquatic ecosystem [D] Desert

Question No:14

Find the correct statement:

[A] Trophic level represents a functional level, not a species as such.
[B] A given species never occupies more than one trophic level in the same ecosystem at the same time.
[C] In most ecosystems, producers are less in number and biomass than the herbivores. [D] Pyramid of energy can never be upright.

Question No:15

Following are limitations of ecological pyramids:

[A] It does not take into account the same species belonging to two or more trophic levels.
[B] It assumes a simple food chain that almost does not exist in nature.
[C] Saprophytes are not given any place. [D] All of the above