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Ecosystem Mock Exam-3

Question No:1

What is the main source of energy for all ecosystems on earth?

[A] Sun
[B] Volcano
[C] Deep sea hydro-thermal system [D] Moon

Question No:2

PAR (Photo synthetically active radiation) from incident solar radiation is:

[A] 50%
[B] 30%
[C] 70% [D] 20%

Question No:3

Plant capture how much of PAR?

[A] 2-10%
[B] 10-20%
[C] 50% [D] 30%

Question No:4

Which law is obeyed during energy flow in an ecosystem?

[A] First law of thermodynamics
[B] Second law of thermodynamics
[C] Third law of thermodynamics [D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:5

In a terrestrial ecosystem major producers are:
(B) Woody plant
(A) Herbs
(C) Shrubs

[A] A and B only
[B] A and C only
[C] A, B and C [D] B only

Question No:6

Primary producers in aquatic ecosystem are:

[A] Phytoplankton
[B] Algae
[C] Higher plant [D] All of these

Question No:7

Which of these is a primary consumer?

[A] Grass
[B] Goat
[C] Man [D] Tiger

Question No:8

Which of these is a common herbivores in aquatic ecosystem?

[A] Insect
[B] Birds
[C] Mammals [D] Mollusc

Question No:9

Which of the following represent simple GFC (Grazing Food Chain)?

[A] Grass —>Goat —> Man
[B] Goat —> Grass —> Man
[C] Detritus —> Fungi —> Man [D] Fungi —> Detritus —> Grass

Question No:10

DFC (Detritus Food Chain) begins with:

[A] Dead organic matter
[B] Fungi
[C] Bacteria [D] Plant

Question No:11

Main decomposers are:

[A] Bacteria and fungus
[B] Earthworm
[C] Flagellated, Protozoans [D] Flagellated diatoms

Question No:12

Decomposers meet their energy and nutrient requirements by:

[A] Phytoplanktons
[B] Zooplauktons
[C] Detritus [D] Bacteria

Question No:13

GFC is a major conduit for energy flow in:

[A] Terrestrial ecosystem
[B] Aquatic ecosystem
[C] Both (a) and (b) [D] None of the above

Question No:14

Decomposers shows:

[A] Intracellular digestion
[B] Extra cellular digestion
[C] Both intra and extracellular digestion [D] No digestion at all

Question No:15

Find the incorrect statement.

[A] In terrestrial ecosystem larger fraction of energy flow occurs through DFC.
[B] In aquatic ecosystem a major conduit for energy flow is GFC.
[C] Detritus food chain is not at all connected with grazing food chain at any level. [D] Natural interconnection of food chain makes it a food web.