NCERT NEET Ecology Population,Biology topic wise Questions,answers

Ecology Organism and Population Mock Test-4

Question No:1

The ‘success’ of mammals is due to

[A] Presence of mammary glands
[B] Efficient osmoegulation
[C] Efficient thermoregulation
[D] Efficient magnetoception

Question No:2

‘Shivering’ during cold is beneficial for mammals. It helps to

[A] Decrease body temperature
[B] Increase body temperature
[C] No change in body temperature
[D] None of the above

Question No:3

Which is the most effective way to get relief from high temperature?

[A] Oil secretion increases
[B] Frequent urination
[C] High water intake
[D] Profuse sweating

Question No:4

Assertion: Due to changes in seasons, temperature also changes.
Reason: To cope up with this, plants can regulate internal body temperature

[A] A is true and B us also true
[B] A is false but B is true
[C] A is true and B is false
[D] A and B are false

Question No:5

Thousands of migratory birds from Siberia come to ______ in India,

[A] Jim Corbett National Park
[B] Nal Sarovar
[C] Keolado National Park
[D] Maan Sarovar

Question No:6

In case of unfavourable conditions, many lower organisms develop ______ which help them to survive.

[A] Spores
[B] Buds
[C] Gametes
[D] Clones

Question No:7

In higher plants ______ helps to tide over periods of stress

[A] Roots
[B] Fruits
[C] Seeds
[D] Stem

Question No:8

Higher plants survive stressful conditions by reducing their ________ activity.

[A] Reproductive
[B] Metabolic
[C] Growth
[D] Morphogenetic

Question No:9

Bears undergo a period of __________ to escape stress during winter.

[A] Hibernation
[B] Aestivation
[C] Sedation
[D] Metamorphosis

Question No:10

Snails and fish undergo aestivation to avoid summer related problems of heat and ______

[A] Hygroscopicity
[B] Desiccation
[C] Efflorescence
[D] Starvation

Question No:11

Under unfavourable conditions, many species of zooplankton which lives in small water bodies are known to enter ______

[A] Diapause
[B] Metapause
[C] Neopause
[D] Menopause

Question No:12

Diapause is a stage of ______

[A] Perpetual development
[B] Intermittent development
[C] Suspended development
[D] Sequential development

Question No:13

______ is any attribute of an organism that enables the organism to survive and reproduce in its habitat.

[A] Mutation
[B] Evolution
[C] Adaptation
[D] Conformation

Question No:14

Adaption includes ______ attribute of an organism.

[A] Behavioural
[B] Physiological
[C] Morphological
[D] All of the above

Question No:15

Many adaptations of an organism have evolved over a long duration of evolution and are

[A] Genetically unstable
[B] Genetically fixed
[C] Genetically disadvantageous
[D] Genetically extemporaneous