NEET NCERT Ecology Population,Biology Questions,answers,solutions

Ecology Organism and Population Mock Test-5

Question No:1

______ in North American deserts is capable of meeting all its water requirements through its internal biochemical process,

[A] Llama
[B] Coyote
[C] Kangaroo rat
[D] Weasel

Question No:2

By which biochemical process, kangaroo rat meets its water requirement?

[A] Reduction of fats
[B] Oxidation of proteins
[C] Reduction of proteins
[D] Oxidation of fats

Question No:3

Water molecule is a byproduct in which of the following process?

[A] Reduction of fats
[B] Oxidation of proteins
[C] Reduction of proteins
[D] Oxidation of fats

Question No:4

Desert animals have the capability of forming ______ urine,

[A] Hypotonic
[B] Isosmotic
[C] Concentrated
[D] Dilute

Question No:5

Select the true statement from the following options:

[A] Desert plants have thick cuticle on their body
[B] Stomata are arranged superficially
[C] Minimum loss of water through fat oxidation
[D] Special photosynthetic pathway occurs in desert plants

Question No:6

An important feature regarding CAM pathway in desert plants

[A] Enables stomata to increase the number of chloroplasts
[B] Enables stomata to remain open during any time
[C] Enables stomata to remain closed during day time
[D] Enables stomata to open during rainy weather

Question No:7

Some desert plants like ______ have no leaves.

[A] Meuhlenbeckia
[B] Opuntia
[C] Nephrolepis
[D] All of the above

Question No:8

Photosynthetic function in opuntia is performed by ______

[A] Roots
[B] Flowers
[C] Fruits
[D] Stems

Question No:9

In opuntia, leaves are reduced to ______

[A] Thorns
[B] Prickles
[C] Spines
[D] Buds

Question No:10

Alien’s rule is with respect to ______

[A] Reptiles
[B] Mammals
[C] Aves
[D] Amphibia

Question No:11

Mammals from colder climates generally have ______ ears and limbs to minimize heat loss.

[A] Reduced
[B] Shorter
[C] Longer
[D] Wider

Question No:12

Aquatic mammals in polar seas have a thick layer of fat known as ______

[A] Blubber
[B] Flubber
[C] Rubber
[D] Slubber

Question No:13

A thick layer of fat under the skin in aquatic mammals essentially acts as ______

[A] Food reservoir
[B] Insulator
[C] Conductor
[D] Heat generator

Question No:14

Visiting a place like Manali and Mansarovar gives you an uncomfortable feeling. This is referred to as ______

[A] Motion Sickness
[B] Altitude Sickness
[C] Acrophobia
[D] All of the above

Question No:15

With the increase in altitude of a place ______

[A] Atmospheric pressure decreases
[B] Atmospheric pressure increases
[C] Atmospheric pressure remain constant
[D] Either (a) or (b)