NEET Ecology Population Organisms,Botany,Zoology Questions,answers

Ecology Organism and Population Mock Test-2

Question No:1

A habitat of an organism constitutes ______.

[A] Abiotic components
[B] Biotic components
[C] Symbiotic compounds
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:2

The organisms through natural selection have evolved ______ to optimise its survival and reproduction in its habitat.

[A] Camouflage
[B] Adaptations
[C] Specialized Physiology
[D] Higher reproduction rate

Question No:3

In tropical deserts, the temperature goes ______.

[A] >40℃
[B] >60℃
[C] > 50℃
[D] >70℃

Question No:4

Habitats such as thermal springs and deep-sea hydrothermal vents have average temperature exceeding ______.

[A] 100℃
[B] 150℃
[C] 80℃
[D] 1000℃

Question No:5

______ trees cannot grow in temperate countries.

[A] Banana
[B] Mango
[C] Oranges
[D] Peaches

Question No:6

Mango cannot grow in countries like ______.

[A] Canada
[B] Germany
[C] Africa
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:7

______ are not found in Kerala forests.

[A] Snakes
[B] Snow leopards
[C] Elephants
[D] Monkeys

Question No:8

_______ fish is rarely caught beyond tropical latitudes in ocean,

[A] Salmon
[B] Shark
[C] Tuna
[D] Pomphret

Question No:9

The temperature of habitat affects kinetics of _______ in the body of organisms,

[A] Hormones
[B] Enzymes
[C] Inflammatory mediators
[D] Neurotransmitters

Question No:10

The organisms which can tolerate and thrive in a wide range of temperature are called as

[A] Stenothermal
[B] Homiotherm
[C] Eurythermal
[D] Poikilotherm

Question No:11

The organisms which thrive in a very narrow range of temperatures are known as.

[A] Stenothermal
[B] Poikilotherm
[C] Homiotherm
[D] Eurythermal

Question No:12

The level of thermal tolerance of different species determines the extent of ___

[A] Survival
[B] Geographical distribution
[C] Morphology
[D] Biodiversity

Question No:13

Life originated on earth first in

[A] Air
[B] Land
[C] Water
[D] All of the above

Question No:14

Special modifications with respect of ______ make it possible for an organism to survive in desert.

[A] Water
[B] High temperature
[C] Sand
[D] Less abundance plants

Question No:15

For aquatic organisms _______ of water becomes important,

[A] Quantity
[B] Quality
[C] Conductivity
[D] Specific gravity