NEET NCERT Zoology Human Helath Disease,Widal,ELISA,SGPT,AIDS

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-9

Question No:1
The virus responsible for causing AIDS primarily infects?

(A) Monocytes
(B) Mast cells
(C) Macrophages
(D) Mucosal cells

Question No:2


Question No:3
HlV enters which T-cells

(A) Helper (TH)
(B) Promoter (Tp)
(C) Suppressor (Ts)
(D) Cytotoxic (Tc)

Question No:4
Death in AIDS is due to

(A) Aggravated immune response
(B) Due to opportunistic infections
(C) Due to inflammation of genitilia
(D) Due to diarrhoea and fever

Question No:5
AIDS can be detected by which diagnostic test?

(A) Widal
(D) Blood cell count

Question No:6
The organisation in India which is spreading awareness and educating people regarding AIDS is

(A) GraminYojna
(B) Health Ministry
(C) National AIDS Control Organisation
(D) None of the above

Question No:7
NGO stands for

(A) Non Governing Organisation
(B) Non Governmental Organization
(C) Non Guaranteed Object
(D) Non Granted Organisation

Question No:8
Normal cells in our body inhibit the uncontrolled growth of cells which they are in contact with.This is known as

(A) Cell-cell contact
(B) Cell cycle Regulation
(C) Contact inhibition
(D) Contact response

Question No:9
Tumour is an abnormal mass of

(A) Muscles
(B) Cells
(C) Inorganic salts
(D) Cartilagenous membrane

Question No:10
The tumour which does not spread to other parts of body is known as _____

(A) benign
(B) malignant
(C) neoplastic
(D) lymphoma

Question No:11
The cancerous cells which have the ability to proliferate and cause cancer in new locations of the body are known as

(A) Benign
(B) Lymphoma
(C) Leukaemia
(D) Malignant

Question No:12
Cancer cells actively divide and grow due to

(A) Competition for vital nutrients with normal cells
(B) Competition for space with normal cells
(C) Competition for only support
(D) Excess food materials stored in body

Question No:13
Metastasis is

(A) Normal equilibrium condition of body
(B) Morphological changes from larva to adult
(C) Generation of new tumour in different sites of body
(D) Abnormal growth of the body muscles

Question No:14
The agents which can cause neoplastic cell generation are

(A) Gamma rays
(B) X-rays
(C) UV rays
(D) All of above

Question No:15
Which radiations can cause cancer?

(A) Visible light
(B) UV rays
(C) Infra red light
(D) Microwaves

Question No:16
Cancer causing viruses are known as

(A) Retro virus
(B) Oncogenic virus
(C) Flavo virus
(D) Adeno virus

Question No:17
The genes present in normal cells of the body which can cause cancer are known as

(A) Oncogenes
(B) Carcinogenes
(C) Neogenes
(D) Tumerogenes

Question No:18
Proto-oncogenes are also abbreviated as

(A) p-onc
(B) c-onc
(C) p-con
(D) c-con