NCERT Zoology Human Helath Disease questions NCERT Text,Biopsy

Human Health and Disease Mock Test-10

Question No:1
Blood and bone marrow tests are usually performed to detect

(A) Anaemia
(B) Leukaemia
(C) Thrombocytopenia
(D) Filariasis

Question No:2
In case of _____, a piece of suspected tissue is cut into thin sections, stained and examined under microscope

(A) Postmortem
(B) Biopsy
(C) DNA fingerprinting
(D) Pedigree analysis

Question No:3
Cancers of internal organs can be detected by

(A) Radiography
(B) CT
(D) All of these

Question No:4
In which technique 3-D image of the internals of an objected are generated?

(A) Electron microscopy
(B) Radiography
(C) Computed Tomography
(D) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Question No:5
MRI uses strong magnetic field and _____ radiations to detect pathological and physiological changes

(A) ionizing
(B) non-ionising
(D) x-ray

Question No:6
Tobacco smoke primarily causes

(A) Mouth cancer
(B) Lung cancer
(C) Breast cancer
(D) Desophaleol cancer

Question No:7
Common approaches for treatment of cancer are

(A) Surgery
(B) Radiation therapy
(C) Immuno therapy
(D) All of above

Question No:8
Anti cancer drugs have the following side effects

(A) Hair loss
(B) Anaemia
(C) Vomiting
(D) All of these

Question No:9
For the treatment of cancer, biological response modifiers such as _____ are given,

(A) beta-interferons
(B) gamma-interferons
(C) alpha-interferons
(D) delta-interferons

Question No:10
Heroine is locally known as _____

(A) smack
(B) angel dust
(C) coke
(D) marijuana

Question No:11
Smack is chemically

(A) Dicetyl morphine
(B) Diacetyl morphine
(C) Dimethye morphile
(D) Dihydro morphine

Question No:12
Morphine is obtained from

(A) Erymroxylum coca
(B) Atropa belladonna
(C) Connabis sativa
(D) Papaver somniferum

Question No:13
Heroin is a _____ drug

(A) excitatory
(B) depressant
(C) hallucinogenic
(D) euphoric

Question No:14
Morphine is extracted from _____ of poppy plant

(A) leaf
(B) latex
(C) fruit
(D) flower

Question No:15
Cannabinoids are obtained from _____, _____ and _____ of cannabis sativa

(A) leaves, flowers, fruits
(B) leaves, flower tops, resin
(C) leaves, flowers, latex
(D) flower, seed, tannins

Question No:16


Question No:17
Cannabinoids are mainly known to effect?

(A) Cardio vascular system
(B) Nervous system
(C) Sensory system
(D) Excretory system

Question No:18
Charas, ganja, hashish and marijuana are all

(A) Opioids
(B) Cannabinoids
(C) Coca alkaloids
(D) Barbiturates