NEET NCERT Biology plant kingdom mock exam,Chapter wise mock mcqs

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-15

Question No:1

Maximum of pteridophytes are
I. homosporous and produce only one kind of spores.
II. aquatic in nature.
III. heterosporus and produce small and large spores.
IV. restricted to narrow geographical zone because of specific requirement of water.

[A] I and II
[B] II and III
[C] III and IV
[D] IV and I

Question No:2

Heterosporous pteridophytes are

[A] dryopteris and Pteris
[B] selaginella and lycopodium
[C] selaginella and salvinia
[D] equisetum and Adiantum

Question No:3

Heterosporous plants are

[A] plants producing one kind of spores
[B] plants producing large and small spores
[C] plants producing two type of spores which are similar in size
[D] none

Question No:4

Megaspore germinate into

[A] female gametophyte
[B] gametophyte having both male and female sex organs
[C] male gametophyte
[D] male sporophyte

Question No:5

The female gametophytes are retained on the parent sporophyte in

[A] homosporous species of pteridophytes
[B] heterosporous species of pteridophytes
[C] both are correct
[D] both are incorrect

Question No:6

Process similar to seed habit considerably observed in

[A] homosporous species of pteridophytes
[B] heterosporous species of pteridophyte
[C] all the members of pteridophytes
[D] net seen in pteridophyte

Question No:7

Vascular plants, with seeds but no fruits are

[A] bryophyte
[B] angiosperms
[C] gymnosperms
[D] pteridophytes

Question No:8

In heterosporous pteridophyte

[A] zygote develops into young embryo in the female gametophyte
[B] zygote multiples and develop into the sporophyte in the soil
[C] all spores are similar
[D] none

Question No:9

Naked seed plants are

[A] algae
[B] bryophyte
[C] angiosperms
[D] gymnosperms

Question No:10

Ovules are not enclosed by the ovaries in

[A] pteridophytes
[B] angiosperms
[C] gymnosperms
[D] all

Question No:11

The tallest gymnosperms is

[A] sequoia (red wood tree)
[B] pinus
[C] cycas
[D] ginkgo

Question No:12

Coralloid roots having association with N1 fixing bacteria are found in

[A] pinus
[B] cedrus
[C] sequoia
[D] cycas

Question No:13

In gymnosperms mycorrhizal association are found in

[A] cycas
[B] pinus
[C] cedrus
[D] all

Question No:14


[A] are naked seeds plants
[B] have tap roots
[C] are heterosporous
[D] all

Question No:15

Which of the following are correct for gymnosperms?
I. Have adventitious root system.
II. The leaves in gymnosperms can withstand extreme of temperature, humidity and wind.
III. Microspores are produced in microsporangia.
IV. They include medium or tall sized trees and shrubs.

[A] I and III
[B] I, II and II
[C] II, III and IV
[D] I and IV