NEET NCERT Biology plant kingdom mock exam,Chapter wise model mcq

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-17

Question No:1

Male sex organ in angiosperm is located in

[A] male cone
[B] sporophyll
[C] flower
[D] carpel

Question No:2

Male sex organ in flower is

[A] antheridia
[B] stamens
[C] spermatangia
[D] nucule

Question No:3

The female sex organ of flower is called

[A] archegonia
[B] nucule
[C] oogonia
[D] pistil

Question No:4

The pistil in flower encloses

[A] one ovule
[B] only two ovules
[C] three ovules
[D] one too many ovules

Question No:5

Embryo sacs in angiosperms is

[A] male gametophyte
[B] well-developed female gametophyte
[C] highly reduced female gametophyte
[D] well-developed female sporophyte

Question No:6

Embryo sac of angiosperms posses

[A] egg apparatus
[B] synergids
[C] antipodal
[D] all

Question No:7

Egg apparatus of angiosperms contain

[A] one egg cell
[B] two synergids
[C] both (a) and (b)
[D] two antipodals

Question No:8

The cells of embryo sac are

[A] diploid
[B] haploid
[C] may be haploid or diploid
[D] none

Question No:9

Diploid secondary nucleus in embryo sac of angiosperm is the product of

[A] fusion of two synergid cells
[B] fusion of two antipodal cells
[C] fusion of two polar nuclei
[D] fusion of egg cell and antipodal cell

Question No:10

The pistil in angiosperm is made up of

[A] ovary
[B] stigma
[C] style
[D] all

Question No:11

Ovary is the characteristic feature of

[A] gymnosperms
[B] angiosperm
[C] pteridophyte
[D] all

Question No:12

In double fertilization

[A] male gamete fuses with egg cell to form zygote
[B] male gamete fuses with diploid endosperm nucleus to produce triploid primary endosperm nucleus
[C] both (a) and (b)
[D] fertilization takes place in two plants simultaneously

Question No:13

Synergids and antipodals

[A] develop into new plans
[B] are diploid
[C] degenerate after fertilization
[D] are produced in male gametophyte

Question No:14

Fruit formation in angiosperm takes place by

[A] development of ovule after fertilization
[B] development of ovary after fertilization
[C] axillary bud
[D] terminal bud

Question No:15

Double fertilization is unique characters feature of

[A] angiosperm
[B] gymnosperm
[C] pteridophyte
[D] dicotyledons only