NEET NCERT Biology plant kingdom model exam,Chapter wise mock mcq

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-16

Question No:1

In cycas

[A] the stems are unbranched
[B] the pinnately compound leaves persist for years
[C] have symbiotic association with n2 fixing cynobacteria
[D] all are correct

Question No:2

Which of the followings are correct for conifers?
I. Needle like leaves to reduce surface area.
II. Thick cuticle on leaves.
III. Sunken stomata to reduce water loss.
IV. The main plant body is gametophyte.

[A] II and III
[B] IV only
[C] I only
[D] II, I and III

Question No:3

Which of the following are correct for gymnosperms?
I. They are heterosporous.
II. They are the first vascular plants.
III. Posses fruits.
IV. Require water for fertilization.

[A] I
[B] I and II
[C] II and III
[D] I, II, III and IV

Question No:4

Which of the following sequence is correct?

[A] Strobili-Sporophylls—> Sporangia—>Spores
[B] Strobili-Sporangia—>Sporophylls—>Spores
[C] Sporophylls-Strobili->Sporangia—>Spores
[D] Spores-Sporangia—>Strobili—>Cones

Question No:5

Male gametophyte which is highly reduced and confined to only limited numbers of cells is called

[A] autherozoid
[B] spermatozoid
[C] pollen grain
[D] all

Question No:6

Male and female cones are formed on the same tree of

[A] cycas
[B] pinus
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:7

In gymnosperms

[A] pollen grains germinate inside the ovary
[B] the development of pollen grain takes place within the microsporangia
[C] the cones barring megasporophylls are called male cones or male strobili
[D] all are correct

Question No:8

Megaspore mother cell

[A] develops from one of the cell of nucleus
[B] forms four megaspore after meiosis
[C] formed in the megasporangium
[D] all

Question No:9

The female gametophyte of gymnosperms

[A] bear two archegonia
[B] retained within megasporangium
[C] is unicellular
[D] both (a) and (b)

Question No:10

In gymnosperms, male and female gametophyte
I. do not have independent free living existence.
II. remain within the sporangia retained on parent sporophyte.
III. may be born on same or different tree.
IV. perform meiosis to produce gametes,

[A] l and II
[B] II and III
[C] III and IV
[D] All

Question No:11

Pollination in gymnosperms take place by

[A] wind
[B] water
[C] only physical factors like wind and water
[D] all of the above

Question No:12

Angiosperms include

[A] vascular plants with naked seeds
[B] vascular plants with covered seeds
[C] few vascular plants with naked seeds
[D] few vascular plants with covered seeds

Question No:13

Microscopic angiosperm is

[A] sequoia
[B] eucalyptus
[C] Wolffia
[D] never microscopic

Question No:14

Angiosperms include

[A] massive woody trees
[B] shrubs and herbs
[C] ranges from tiny microscopic plants to tall trees
[D] none

Question No:15

Height of eucalyptus tree is approximately

[A] 100m
[B] 1000m
[C] 10m
[D] 10-20m