NEET NCERT Biology plant kingdom mock test,Chapter wise mock mcqs

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-14

Question No:1

Which one is false about pteridophyte?

[A] They flourish well moist and shady condition
[B] They are found in cool damp and shady place
[C] The xylem posses vessels
[D] None

Question No:2

Prothallus is the gametophyte of

[A] bryophytes
[B] algae
[C] pteridophyte
[D] gymnosperm

Question No:3

The gametophyte of pteridophyte grows in damp, moist and shady places because

[A] they are limited and restricted to a narrow geographical region
[B] they need water for fertilization of gametes formed on the gametophyte
[C] water is required for gametogenesis
[D] egg cell swims in water to reach to the antheridia

Question No:4

Gametophyte of pteridophyte

[A] parasite on sporophyte
[B] not a free living stage
[C] photosynthetic and free living
[D] is unicellular

Question No:5

Vascular plants which do not bear seeds is

[A] angiosperms
[B] pteridophytes
[C] gymnosperms
[D] none

Question No:6

Macrophylls leaves are characteristics of

[A] mosses
[B] ferns
[C] funaria
[D] none

Question No:7

Pteridophyte having microphylls is

[A] ferns
[B] psilotum
[C] selaginella
[D] all

Question No:8

The production of spores by the spore mother cells is the result of

[A] mitosis
[B] meiosis
[C] mitosis and meiosis both
[D] amitosis

Question No:9

The leaves bearing sporangia are called

[A] sporophylls
[B] fronds
[C] tropophylls
[D] scaly leaves

Question No:10

Cones in pteridophytes are formed in

[A] salvinia
[B] selaginella and lycopodium
[C] dryopteris
[D] selaginella and Equisetum

Question No:11

Spores hi pteridophytes give rise to

[A] sporophyte
[B] parasite gametophyte
[C] free living gametophyte
[D] free living sporophyte

Question No:12

Which of the following are correct about pteridophytes?
I. The sporophytes bear sporangia that are formed on the sporophylls.
II. They are frequently grown as ornamentals. III. They are the first terrestrial plants to forms seeds.
IV. Vascular tissues are absent in pteridophytes.
V. some species flourish well in sandy soil conditions.

[A] V and lV
[B] I, II and IV
[C] III, IV and V
[D] I and II

Question No:13

Sex organs in pteridophytes are formed on the

[A] multicellular well-developed sporophyte
[B] multicellular main gametophyte phase of the plant
[C] photosynthetic, free living gametophyte
[D] parasite gametophyte dependent on sporophyte

Question No:14

The male and female sex organs of pteridophyte are called

[A] globule and nucule respectively
[B] antheridia and archegonia respectively
[C] spermatangia and oogonia respectively
[D] tests and ovary respectively

Question No:15

Zygote of pteridophyte

[A] undergoes reduction division just often formation
[B] produces multicellular gametophyte
[C] produces multicellular sporophyte
[D] remains dormant