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Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-21

Question No:1

Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched?

[A] Salvinia – Prothallus
[B] Viroids-RNA
[C] Mustard-Synergids
[D] Ginkgo-Archegonia

Question No:2

Cycas and Adiantum resemble each other in having

[A] Seeds
[B] Motile Sperms
[C] Cambium
[D] Vessels

Question No:3

Which one of the following is a correct statement?

[A] Pteridophyte gametophyte has a protonemal and leafy stage.
[B] In gymnosperms female gametophyte is free living
[C] Antheridiophores and archegoniophores are present in pteridophyte
[D] Origin of seed habit can be traced in pteridophytes.

Question No:4

Select the wrong statement:

[A] Isogametes are similar in structure, function and behaviour
[B] Anisogametes differ either in structure, function or behaviour
[C] hi Oomycetes female gamete is smaller and motile, while male gamete is larger and non-motile
[D] Chlamydomonas exhibits both isogamy and anisogamy and Fucus shows oogamy

Question No:5

Isogamous condition with non-flagellated gametes is found in:

[A] Chlamydomonas
[B] Spirogyra
[C] Volvox
[D] Fucus

Question No:6

Besides paddy fields, cyanobacteria are also found inside vegetative part of:

[A] Pinus
[B] Cycas
[C] Equisetum
[D] Psilotum

Question No:7

Megasporangium is equivalent to:

[A] Embryosac
[B] Fruit
[C] Nucellus
[D] Ovule

Question No:8

Read the following statement (A-E) and answer the question which follows them.
(A) In liverworts, mosses, and ferns gametophytes are free-living
(B) Gymnosperms and some ferns are heterosporous
(C) Sexual reproduction in Fucus, Volvox and Albugo is oogamous
(D) The sporophyte in liverworts is more elaborate than that in mosses
(E) Both, Pinus and Marchantia are dioecious
How many of the above statements are correct?

[A] One
[B] Two
[C] Three
[D] Four

Question No:9

Which one of the following shows isogamy with non-flagellated gametes?

[A] Sargassum
[B] Ectocarpus
[C] Ulothrix
[D] Spirogyra

Question No:10

Which one of the following is responsible for peat formation?

[A] Marchantia
[B] Riccia
[C] Funaria
[D] Sphagnum

Question No:11

Read the following give statements (A to E) and select the option with all correct statements:
(A) Mosses and Lichens are the first organisms
(B)Selaginella a homosporous pteridophyte.
(C) Coralloid roots in Cycus have VAM.
(D) Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophyte where as in pteridophytes it is saprophytic.
(E) In gymnosperms male and female gametophytes are present within sporangia located o sporophyte.

[A] (A), (C) and (D)
[B] (B) , (C) and (D)
[C] (A), (D) and (E)
[D] (B), (C) and (E)

Question No:12

In which of the following gametophyte is not independent free living?

[A] Funaria
[B] Marchantia
[C] Pteris
[D] Pinus

Question No:13

Which one of the following statements is wrong?

[A] Algin and carrageen are product of algae
[B] Agar – agar is obtained from Gelidium and Gmeilaria
[C] Chlorella and Spirulina are used as space Food Mannitol is stored food in Rhodophyceae
[D] Mannitol is stored food in Rhodophyceae

Question No:14

Male gametes are flagellated in:

[A] Polysiphonia
[B] Anabena
[C] Ectocarpus
[D] Spirogyra

Question No:15

Which one is a wrong statement?

[A] Mucor has biflagellate zoospores
[B] Haploid endosperm is typical feature of gymnosperms
[C] Brown algae have chlorophyll a and c, and fucoxanthin
[D] Archegonia are found in Bryophyta, Pteridophyta and Gymnosperms