NEET NCERT Biology plant kingdom mock mcqs,Chapter wise model test

Plant Kingdom Mock Exam-18

Question No:1

Zygote after multiplication in angiosperm develop in

[A] endosperm (n)
[B] embryo (n)
[C] endosperm
[D] embryo (2n)

Question No:2

Endosperm in angiosperm is formed

[A] before fertilization
[B] after fertilization
[C] vary from species to species
[D] all

Question No:3

Meiosis hi plants can take place in

[A] only haploid species
[B] only diploid species
[C] both in haploid as well as diploid species
[D] none

Question No:4

The haploid plant body produces ____ and is referred to as ____

[A] spores, sporophyte
[B] gametes, gametophyte
[C] zoospores, zoosporangia
[D] conidia, Conidiophores

Question No:5

Haploid spore divide by ____ to form haploid plant body

[A] mitosis
[B] meiosis
[C] amitosis
[D] any of them

Question No:6

In haplontic life cycle, sporophytic generation is seen by

[A] well-developed multicellular sporophyte
[B] zygote
[C] (b) embryo
[D] none

Question No:7

In haplontic life cycle zygote divides by

[A] mitosis
[B] meiosis
[C] any of them
[D] amitosis

Question No:8

Volvox, spirogyra chlamydomonas come under

[A] haplodiplontic life cycle organism
[B] diplohaplontic organism
[C] haplontic life cycle
[D] diplontic life cycle

Question No:9

Sporophyte, dominant, photosynthetic and independent phase of plant represents

[A] haplontic
[B] diplontic
[C] diplohaplontic life cycle
[D] both (b) and (c)

Question No:10

Diplontic life cycle is seen in

[A] angiosperms and gymnosperms
[B] spermatophytes
[C] both
[D] pteridophyte

Question No:11

When both the phases of life cycle are multicellular i.e. haploid and diploid phases are more than one celled

[A] life cycles are called haplodiplontic
[B] they differ in the dominant phase
[C] they are in pteridophytes and bryophytes
[D] all

Question No:12

The bryophytes

[A] dominant diploid multicellular sporophyte alters dominant with multicellular gametophytes
[B] dominant haploid multicellular gametophyte alters with diploid sporophyte
[C] the plant body show diplontic life cycle
[D] the plant body show haplontic life cycle

Question No:13

Most of the alga show

[A] haplontic life cycle
[B] diplontic life cycle
[C] haplodiplontic life cycle
[D] none

Question No:14

Algae showing haplodiplontic life cycle are

[A] Spirulina and spirogyra
[B] ectocarpus and polysiphonia
[C] kelps
[D] both (b) and (c)