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Biodiversity and Conservation Mock Exam-8

Question No:1

Sacred groves are specially useful in:

[A] Preventing soil erosion
[B] Year-round flow of water in rivers
[C] Conserving rare and threatened species
[D] Generating environmental awareness

Question No:2

Which one of the following areas in India is a hotspot of biodiversity?

[A] Eastern Ghats
[B] Gangetic Plain
[C] Sunderbans
[D] Western Ghats

Question No:3

The highest number of species in the world is represented by:

[A] Fungi
[B] Mosses
[C] Algae
[D] Lichens

Question No:4

Which of the following is not used for ex situ plant conservation?

[A] Field gene banks
[B] Seed banks
[C] Shifting cultivation
[D] Botanical Gardens

Question No:5

Which of the following represent maximum number of species among global biodiversity?

[A] Algae
[B] Lichens
[C] Fungi
[D] Mosses and Ferns

Question No:6

An example of ex situ conservation is:

[A] National Park
[B] Seed Bank
[C] Wildlife Sanctuary
[D] Sacred Grove

Question No:7

A species facing extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future is called:

[A] Vulnerable
[B] Endemic
[C] Critically Endangered
[D] Extinct

Question No:8

The organization which publishes the Red list of species is:


Question No:9

Vertical distribution of different species occupying different levels in a biotic community is known as:

[A] Divergence
[B] Stratification
[C] Zonation
[D] Pyramid

Question No:10

In which of the following both pairs have correct combination?

[A] In situ conservation : National park
Ex situ conservation : Botanical Garden
[B] In situ conservation : Cryopreservation
Ex situ conservation : Wildlife Sanctuary
[C] In situ conservation : Seed Bank
Ex situ conservation : National park
[D] In situ conservation : Tissue culture
Ex situ conservation : Sacred groves

Question No:11

Which of the following characteristics is mainly responsible for diversification of insects of land?

[A] Segmentation
[B] Bilateral symmetry
[C] Exoskeleton
[D] Eyes

Question No:12

Most animals are tree dwellers in a

[A] Coniferous forest
[B] Thorn woodland
[C] Temperature deciduous forest
[D] Tropical rain forest

Question No:13

Cryopreservation of gametes of threatened species in viable and fertile condition can be referred to as

[A] In situ conservation of biodiversity
[B] Advanced ex-situ conservation of biodiversity
[C] In situ conservation by sacred groves
[D] In situ cryo-conservation of biodiversity

Question No:14

The species confined to a particular region and not found elsewhere is termed as:

[A] Alien
[B] Endemic
[C] Rare
[D] Keystone