NCERT CBSE class12 biology questions,NEET Objective Practice exam


MMR stands for

[A] Magnetic Maxima Resonance
[B] Mortality Memorandum Rate
[C] Mortality Maternal Rate
[D] Maternal Mortality Rate


IMR stands for

[A] Indigenous Mortality Rate
[B] Infant Migratory Rate
[C] Infant Mortality Rate
[D] Infant Mitigation Rate


According to the census report of 2001, the population growth rate was

[A] 1.50%
[B] 1.70%
[C] 1.60%
[D] 2.10%


Smaller families can be encouraged by using various

[A] Educational methods
[B] Contraceptive methods
[C] Abortive methods
[D] Rhythm method


A wise way to encouraging small families is by raising marriageable age of female to _____ years and that of male to _____ years respectively,

[A] 16,18
[B] 18,20
[C] 18,21
[D] 17,22


Many couples in the urban working areas have adopted the _____ norm.

[A] Two child
[B] One child
[C] No child
[D] Three child


Identity the characteristic which an ideal contraceptive should NOT have

[A] Use friendly
[B] Easily available
[C] Non reversible
[D] Least side effect


A natural method of contraception, periodic abstinence is

[A] Abstaining from coitus from day 1-5 of the menstrual cycle
[B] Abstaining from coitus from day 17-22 of the menstrual cycle
[C] Abstaining from coitus from day 10-17 of the menstrual cycle
[D] Abstaining from coitus from day 5-10 of the menstrual cycle


Coitus interrupts/withdrawal method concerns with

[A] Withdrawal of penis from vagina before ejaculation
[B] Withdrawal of penis from vagina after ejaculation
[C] Prevention of coitus
[D] Alternate prevention of coitus


After parturition, which natural contraception way can be utilized?

[A] Lactational menorrhea
[B] Lactational amenorrhea
[C] Lactational deficiency
[D] Lactational prevention


The figure indicates which contraceptive device?

[A] Condom for female
[B] Condom for male
[C] Diaphragm
[D] Cervical cap


In lactational amenorrhea, which event does not occur in menstrual cycle?

[A] Menstrual flow
[B] Ovulation
[C] Fouicular phase
[D] Luteal phase


Lactational amenorrhea is effective only up to a maximum of _____ months,

[A] a) two
[B] four
[C] six
[D] eight


In the _____ method of contraception ovum and sperms are prevented from physically meeting by the use of a membranous sheath,

[A] Barrier
[B] Sterilization
[C] Natural
[D] Pillls


_____ is a popular brand of condom for males.

[A] ‘Nishodh’
[B] ‘Nirodh’
[C] ‘Nidosh’
[D] ‘Nirdosh’