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Plant Growth and Development Mock Exam-5

Question No:1

What can affect phases/stages of growth?

[A] temperature
[B] light
[C] gravity
[D] all

Question No:2

The process of derivation of cells from meristems and maturation to perform specific function is known as _____

[A] regeneration
[B] dedifferentiation
[C] dedifferentiation
[D] differentiation

Question No:3

During differentiation, what kind of changes take place?

[A] Structural
[B] Functional
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:4

What changes would occur in a cell to form a treachery element?

[A] Loose their protoplasm
[B] Strong, elastic, lignocelluloses secondary cell wale
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:5

What is the phenomenon of de-differentiation?

[A] Regaining the capacity to divide
[B] Loosing the capacity to divide
[C] Loosing capacity to divide after regaining
[D] All

Question No:6

What is re-differentiation?

[A] regaining the capacity to divide
[B] loosing the capacity to divide
[C] loosing the capacity to divide after regaining
[D] all

Question No:7

What kind of differentiation is seen in plants?

[A] Open
[B] close
[C] primary
[D] all

Question No:8

Cells positioned away from root apical meristems, differentiate as

[A] Epidermis
[B] Root cap
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:9

All those changes which an organism goes through during its life cycle from germination of the seed to senescence is termed as

[A] growth
[B] differentiation
[C] development
[D] none

Question No:10

On whose response plasts follow different pathways to form different kind of structures?

[A] Environment
[B] Phases of life
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:11

The ability of plants to follow different pathways in response to environment or phases of life to form different kind of structures is called?

[A] Adaptation
[B] differentiation
[C] maturation
[D] Plasticity

Question No:12

In which of the following plant the leaves of juvenile plant are different in shape than those in mature plants?

[A] Cotton
[B] coriander
[C] larkspur
[D] all

Question No:13

Leaves of which plant show environmental heterophylly?

[A] Cotton
[B] coriander
[C] larkspur
[D] Buttercup

Question No:14

The phenomenon of environmental heterophylly is also called

[A] Adaptation
[B] Maturation
[C] Plasticity
[D] growth

Question No:15

What is the sum of growth and differentiation?

[A] plasticity
[B] development
[C] maturation
[D] all