NCERT Biology Photosynthesis higher plants class-11 mcqs,notes,pdfs

Photosynthesis Higher Plants Mock Exam-5

Question No:1

The process for which manganese and chloride ions are required in

[A] photolysis of water
[B] for transfer of H+ion to NADP
[C] for transfer of charge of hydroxyl ion to chlorophyll
[D] none of the above

Question No:2

What is the absorption maxima of P-700?

[A] 700 A
[B] 683 nm
[C] 700cm
[D] 700 nm

Question No:3

NADPH2 is generated through

[A] Glycolysis
[B] Photo system-I
[C] Photo system-II
[D] anaerobic respiration

Question No:4

Quantasomes are present in

[A] pigment system-I
[B] pigment system-II
[C] both (a) and (b)
[D] none

Question No:5

Which of the chlorophyll type ejects the electron during photo phosphorylation?

[A] Chlorophyll ‘b’
[B] Chlorophyll ‘a’
[C] Chlorophyll ‘a’ and ‘b’
[D] Xanthophyll

Question No:6

In cyclic photo phosphorylation which one of the following is formed?

[B] NADP and ATP
[C] NADH2 and O2
[D] NADPH2, ATP and O2

Question No:7

Where does the primary photochemical reaction occur in chloroplast/Where does the light reaction of photosynthesis takes place?

[A] Stroma
[B] Endoplasmic reticulum
[C] Quantasomes or thylakoids (Grana)
[D] Inner membrane of chloroplast

Question No:8

The trapping centre of light energy in photo system-I is

[A] P-660
[B] P-680
[C] P-700
[D] P-720

Question No:9

Pigment system-I conducts

[A] cyclic photo phosphorylation
[B] non-cyclic photo phosphorylation
[C] both (a) and (b)
[D] none

Question No:10

Pigment system-II is concerned with

[A] photolysis of water
[B] reduction of CO2
[C] flowering
[D] none

Question No:11

Photophosphorylation is a process in which

[A] light energy is converted into chemical energy in the form of ATP
[B] NADP is formed
[C] chemical energy is used to produce ATP
[D] CO2 is reduced to carbohydrate

Question No:12

The reaction centre for PS-I and PS-II are

[A] P700 and P680 respectively
[B] P680 and P700 respectively
[C] P580 and P700 respectively
[D] P700 and P580 respectively

Question No:13

Results of light reaction is/are

[A] only ATP
[B] only NADPH2
[C] ATP and NADPH2
[D] only FAD

Question No:14

Biosynthetic phase of life use all except ……….. that is produced in photochemical phase,

[C] O2
[D] None

Question No:15

If light is available for a given duration and then again made unavailable, the biosynthetic process will

[A] continue for long duration
[B] continue for unlimited time
[C] continue for short duration
[D] will stop immediately