NCERT Biology Photosynthesis higher plants class-11 pdfs,mcqs,notes

Photosynthesis Higher Plants Mock Exam-8

Question No:1

Which one of the following is wrong in relation to photorespiration?

[A] It is a characteristic of C3 plants
[B] It occurs in chloroplasts
[C] It occurs in day time only
[D] It is a characteristic of C4 plants

Question No:2

How many types of photosynthetic cells occur in C4 plant?

[A] One type
[B] Two types
[C] Four types
[D] Eight types

Question No:3

Which of the following cells of C4 plants are prominently loaded with starch?

[A] Epidermal cells
[B] Mesophyll cells
[C] Bundle sheath cells
[D] All

Question No:4

Number of carboxylation in C4 cycle is/are

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 5
[D] 3

Question No:5

Photorespiration takes place in

[A] chloroplast, mitochondria
[B] mitochondria, peroxisome
[C] chloroplasts, peroxisome, mitochondria
[D] chloroplasts, cytoplasm, mitochondria

Question No:6

Photorespiration is called

[A] C2 cycle
[B] C3 cycle
[C] C4 cycle
[D] none

Question No:7

The first reaction in photo respiraton is

[A] carboxylation
[B] decarboxylation
[C] oxygenation
[D] phosphorylation

Question No:8

C4 plant is characterized by

[A] high tolerance to temperature
[B] lacks process of photorespiration
[C] greater productivity of biomass
[D] all

Question No:9

Bundle sheath cells having following characters except

[A] large in size
[B] large number of chloroplast
[C] thick wall impervious to gaseous exchange
[D] with intercellular spaces

Question No:10

Primary CO2 acceptor in C4 plant occurs in

[A] inner layer cells of bundle sheath
[B] outer layer cells of bundle sheath
[C] mesophyll cells
[D] none

Question No:11

Bundle sheath cells are rich in

[A] RubisCo
[B] PEP case
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:12

Which of the following is correct about photorespiration?

[A] Wasteful process
[B] ATP is utilized
[C] Release of CO2
[D] All

Question No:13

During photorespiration

[A] RubisCo binds with O2
[B] phosphoglycerate and phosphoglycolate is formed
[C] sugar is not synthesized
[D] all

Question No:14

Photorespiration does not takes place in C4 plant because

[A] O2 is not released in C4 plant during photosynthesis
[B] intracellular concentration of CO2 is high in bundle sheath ensure Rubis CO function as carboxylase
[C] they are found in cold environment
[D] stomata in them open hi night

Question No:15

External factor affecting photosynthesis are

[A] sunlight and temperature
[B] CO2 concentration
[C] water
[D] all