NCERT Biology Photosynthesis higher plants class-11 mcqs,pdfs,notes

Photosynthesis Higher Plants Mock Exam-1

Question No:1

Photosynthesis is a

[A] physical process
[B] chemical process
[C] physico-chemical process
[D] physiological process

Question No:2

All living forms on earth depend on ……….. for energy.

[A] sun
[B] hydrothermal vent
[C] volcanic eruption
[D] moon

Question No:3

During photosynthesis, light energy is use to synthesize

[A] inorganic compound
[B] organic compound
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:4

Photosynthesis is important because

[A] it is the primary source of all food on earth
[B] it is responsible for release of O2
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:5

Select the incorrect statement from the following:

[A] All animals including human depends on plant for their food
[B] The use of energy from sunlight by plants doing photosynthesis is the basis of life of earth
[C] Green plants carry out photosynthesis
[D] None of the above

Question No:6

Which of the following is required for photosynthesis?

[A] CO2
[B] Chlorophyll
[C] Light
[D] All

Question No:7

Experiment using two leaves—a variegated leaf or a leaf that was covered with black paper and one that was exposed to light on testing these leaves for starch—shows that photosynthesis occurs only in ……….. part of leaf in ……….. of sunlight

[A] non-green, presence
[B] green, presence
[C] non-green absence
[D] green, absence

Question No:8

Half leaf experiment proved that ……….. required for photosynthesis.

[A] carbon dioxide
[B] chlorophyll
[C] light
[D] oxygen

Question No:9

Which of the following substance is used in half leaf experiment to absorb CO2?

[A] HCl
[C] HNO3
[D] H2 SO4

Question No:10

……….. in 1770 performed a series of experiments that revealed the essential role of air in growth of green plants.

[A] Jan Ingenhousz
[B] Joseph Priestley
[C] Von Sachs
[D] Cornelius Van Niel

Question No:11

Bell Jar Experiment was performed by

[A] Jan Ingenhousz
[B] Joseph Priestley
[C] Von Sachs
[D] Cornelius Van Niel

Question No:12

Find the method use to light the candle in belljar experiment without disturbing the setup

[A] Removing belljar slowly and light the candle
[B] Creating a hole in bell jar
[C] Using hand len
[D] Through a sudden replacement by another enlightened candle

Question No:13

Who proved that light is essential for plant process that purifies foul air by placing priestly and setup once in light and once in dark?

[A] Jan Ingenhousz
[B] Joseph Priestley
[C] Von Sachs
[D] Cornelius Van Niel

Question No:14

A performed an elegant experiment with an B plant to show that in bright sunlight, small bubble, were formed around the C parts, while in dark they do not die. ABC

[A] Ingenhousz Aquatic Green
[B] Ingenhousz Terrestrial Green
[C] Priestly Aquatic Green
[D] Priestly Aquatic Non-green

Question No:15

Which of the following proved that green part could release O2 by his experiment on an acquatic plant?

[A] Jan Ingenhousz
[B] Joseph Priestley
[C] Von Sachs
[D] Cornelius Van Niel