NCERT class11 NEET Biology model Exam,sample,practice tests,Questions

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-1

Question No:1

How many types of nucleic acids are found in living systems?

[A] Three
[B] One
[C] Two
[D] Four

Question No:2

Which nucleic acid, in some viruses, can also act as genetic material?

[C] mRNA
[D] tRNA

Question No:3

The process of making RNA from DNA is termed as

[A] Transaction
[B] Transformation
[C] Transcription
[D] Transduction

Question No:4

The genetic code

[A] is a sequence of nucleotides on rRNA
[B] determines the sequence of amino acid in proteins
[C] is universal in biological systems
[D] none of the above

Question No:5

The process of protein synthesis in biological systems is termed as

[A] Transaction
[B] Transcription
[C] Translation
[D] Transformation

Question No:6

DNA is a polymer of

[A] Nucleotides
[B] Ribonucleotides
[C] Nucleosides
[D] Deoxyribonucleotides

Question No:7

The length of DNA is defined in terms of

[A] No. of nucleotides
[B] Base pairs
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] urn

Question No:8

A bacteriophage &zye; x 174 has

[A] 5836 base pairs
[B] 5683 nucleotides
[C] 53 86 nucleotides
[D] 5638 base pairs

Question No:9

Bacteriophage lambda has _____ base pairs in nucleic acid (genetic material),

[A] 48205
[B] 5386
[C] 48502
[D] 45802

Question No:10

Which of the following holds true for Escherichia coli?

[A] E. coli has roughly 40 minutes of doubling time.
[B] E. coli is a parasite in human digestive tract.
[C] E. coli has 4.6 x 109 bp long genetic material.
[D] E. coli has 4.6 x 106bp long genetic material.

Question No:11

A nucleotide has the following components

[A] A phosphate group, nitrogenous base, a hexose sugar
[B] A phosphorous base, nitrogenous group, a ribose sugar
[C] A nitrogenous base, phosphate group, a ribose sugar
[D] A nitrogenous base, phosphate group, a hexose sugar

Question No:12

Which of the following is not a pyrimidine?

[A] Thymine
[B] Uracil
[C] Adenine
[D] Cytosine

Question No:13

_____ is present in DNA only and _____ is present in RNA only

[A] Cytosine, thymine
[B] Thymine, uracil
[C] Uracil, thymine
[D] Thymine, cytosine

Question No:14

A nitrogenous base is linked to the pentose sugar through

[A] Phosphoester linkage
[B] O-Glycosidic linkage
[C] Phosphodiester linkage
[D] N-glycosidic linkage

Question No:15

In context of genetic material: Base + Sugar —>

[A] Nucleotide
[B] Nucleoside
[C] Nucleic acid
[D] Nuclein