NCERT Excretory Products their Elimination model Exam paper NTA NEET

NCERT Excretory Products their Elimination Mock Exam-3

Question No:1

The excretory organs in prawn are

[A] malpighian tubules
[B] nephridia
[C] kidneys
[D] green glands or antennal gland

Question No:2

Green glands are excretory organs of

[A] moths
[B] crayfishes
[C] scorpions
[D] spiders

Question No:3

Coxal glands are excretory organs in

[A] spiders and scorpions
[B] . insects
[C] annelids
[D] molluscs

Question No:4

Which of these parts in vertebrates functionally corresponds to the contractile vacuole of protozoans?

[A] Heart
[B] Cloaca
[C] Sweat glands
[D] Kidneys

Question No:5

In human excretory system coexist of

[A] Pair of kidneys
[B] Pair of Ureters
[C] A urinary bladder and A urethra
[D] All

Question No:6

Kidneys in human situated between ______.

[A] T12-L3
[B] T11-L2
[C] T12-L1
[D] T12-L5

Question No:7

Correct dimensions of human kidney are
Length Width Thickness Weight

[A] 10-12 cm 5-7 cm 2-3 cm 120-170 gm
[B] 10-12 cm 2-3 cm 5-7 cm 120-140 gm
[C] 12-14 cm 5-7 cm 2-3 cm 120-140 gm
[D] 12-14 cm 2-3 cm 2-3 cm 120-170 gm

Question No:8

Which of the following is correct about hilum of kidney?

[A] It is present on convex outer surface
[B] It is present at inner convex surface
[C] It is notch through which ureter, nerve and blood vessel inter
[D] It is place where calyces open

Question No:9

Which of the following is incorrect about human kidney?

[A] Kidney is covered by tough capsule
[B] Kidney is divided into cortex and medulla on outer side
[C] The cortex extended in between the medullary pyramid are renal column of Bertini
[D] Kidney is situated close to the dorsal inner wall of abdominal cavity

Question No:10

Each kidney has (nearly) how many Nephrons?

[A] 1 million
[B] 2 million
[C] Vi million
[D] 3 million

Question No:11

Extension of cortex in medulla is known as

[A] columnae carneae
[B] columns of bertini
[C] renal columns
[D] both (b) and (c)

Question No:12

Each nephron consists of

[A] glomerulus
[B] renal tubules
[C] both
[D] calyces

Question No:13

Glomerules along with Bowman’s capsule is called

[A] Renal Corpuscle
[B] Malpighian tubule
[C] Malpighian body
[D] Both (a) and (c)

Question No:14

Part of Nephron is situated in cortex completely
A. Malpighian Corpuscle
D. Loop of Henle
E. Collecting duct

[A] A,B, C only
[B] B, C only
[C] A, B, C.D only
[D] D, E only

Question No:15

Select the incorrect statement from the following:

[A] The DCTs of many nephrons opens into a straight tube called collecting duct
[B] In cortical nephrons (majority), the loop of Henle is too short and extended only very little in medulla
[C] In juxta medullary nephrons (minority), the loop of Henle is very long and runs deeply into medulla
[D] Vasa recta is not a part of peritubular network