NCERT Digestion Absorption PDFs,MCQs,model,mock Biology Test NEET

Digestion and Absorption Mock Exam-4

Question No:1

Intestinal villi are mainly concerned with

[A] Assimilation
[B] Secretion
[C] Ultrafilteration
[D] Absorption

Question No:2

Pylorus is situated at the junction of

[A] oesophagus and stomach
[B] stomach and duodenum
[C] duodenum and ileum
[D] ileum and rectum

Question No:3

Brush bordered epithelium is found hi

[A] trachea
[B] stomach
[C] small intestine
[D] fallopian tube

Question No:4

Vermiform appendix is a part of

[A] alimentary canal
[B] nervous system
[C] vascular system
[D] reproductive system

Question No:5

Crypt of Lieberkuhn is an example for

[A] simple tubular gland
[B] coiled tubular gland
[C] compound alveolar gland
[D] compound tubular gland

Question No:6

Serosa is made up of

[A] mesothelium
[B] some connective tissue
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:7

In duodenum, glands are present in

[A] mucosa
[B] sub-mucosa
[C] muscular layer
[D] both (a) and (b)

Question No:8

Which is responsible for the increase hi surface area of small intestine?

[A] Villi
[B] Microvilli
[C] both
[D] Bigger lumen

Question No:9

Which of the following is true about villi?

[A] They are small finger like folding in small intestine
[B] They are supplied with network of capillaries
[C] They are supplied with large lymph vessel called lacteals
[D] All

Question No:10

Goblet cells are an example of

[A] multicellular gland
[B] unicellular gland
[C] alveolar gland
[D] tubular gland

Question No:11

Select the incorrect statement from the following.

[A] Mucosal epithelium has goblet cells which secrete mucous that help in lubrication.
[B] Mucosa form gastric gland in stomach and crypts of Lieberkuhn in Intestine.
[C] All the four histological layers shows modification in different parts of alimentary canal.
[D] Muscularis layer is formed by outer circular and inner longitudinal muscle layer.

Question No:12

Which of the following are digestive glands associated with alimentary canal?

[A] Salivary gland
[B] Liver
[C] Pancreas
[D] All

Question No:13

How many salivary glands are present in the human body?

[A] 3
[B] 4
[C] 5
[D] 6

Question No:14

The following are salivary glands except

[A] Parotid
[B] Sub-maxillary/sub-mandibular
[C] Sub-lingual
[D] Brunner gland

Question No:15

Gland which is situated below tongue is

[A] parotid
[B] sub-maxillary
[C] sub-lingual
[D] sub-mandibular