NCERT Digestion Absorption MCQs,PDF,model,mock Biology exam NEET

Digestion and Absorption Mock Exam-8

Question No:1

Action of which enzyme produces glucose?

[A] Maltase
[B] Lactase
[C] Sucrase
[D] All

Question No:2

Action of which enzyme produces only glucose?

[A] Maltase
[B] Lactase
[C] Sucrase
[D] All

Question No:3

Where we use term feaces for undigested and unabsorbed food particle in alimentary canal,

[A] Jejunum
[B] Colon
[C] Rectum
[D] End of ileum

Question No:4

Where faecal matters are temporarily stored till defecation?

[A] Colon
[B] Caecum
[C] Ileum
[D] Rectum

Question No:5

The activities of gastrointestinal are under

[A] neural control only
[B] hormonal control only
[C] neither hormonal nor neural control
[D] neural and hormonal control

Question No:6

The muscular activities of different parts of alimentary canal also be regulated by

[A] local neural control
[B] CNS neural control
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:7

Absorption is a process by which the end product of digestion pass through the intestinal mucosa into _____

[A] blood/lymph
[B] liver
[D] heart

Question No:8

Secretion of saliva can be stimulated by

[A] sight of food
[B] smell of food
[C] presence of food in oral cavity
[D] all

Question No:9

In addition to controlling the neurons, hormones also influence the

[A] gastric secretions
[B] intestinal secretions
[C] muscular activities of different parts of alimentary canal
[D] all

Question No:10

Hormonal control of the secretion of digestive juice is carried out by local ____, produced by _______ and ___ mucosa.

[A] Neurotransmitters, liver, pancreas
[B] Hormones, Liver, pancreas
[C] hormones, Gastric, intestinal
[D] Neurotransmitters, gastric, intestinal

Question No:11

Absorption of digested food is carried out by

[A] passive method
[B] active transport
[C] facilitated transport
[D] all

Question No:12

Glucose and amino acids are absorbed in the intestine by

[A] active transport
[B] passive transport
[C] selective absorption
[D] osmosis

Question No:13

Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A. Absorption of simple sugar, alcohol, some water and medicines take place in stomach
B. Maximum water absorption occurs in small intestine
C. Small intestine is the major site of digestion and absorption of food
D. Fatty acid and glycerol are absorbed by lacteals
E. Nothing is absorbed in mouth and large intestine

[A] A, D, and E only
[B] D and E only
[C] D only
[D] B and C only

Question No:14

Fructose and some amino acids are absorbed by

[A] active transport
[B] diffusion
[C] facilitated transport
[D] osmosis

Question No:15

A small amount of monosaccharide like glucose, amino acids and some electrolytes like chloride ions are generally absorbed by

[A] active transport
[B] simple diffusion
[C] facilitated transport
[D] osmosis