NCERT Body Fluids Circulation grand,mock,model tests papers,pdfs,mcqs

Body Fluids and Circulation Mock Test-5

Question No:1

Which of the following has the thickest wall?

[A] Left auricle
[B] Left ventricle
[C] Right auricle
[D] Right ventricle

Question No:2

‘Heart of heart’is

[A] SA-node
[B] AV-node
[C] Bundle of HIS
[D] Purkinje fibres

Question No:3

SA node is located in

[A] upper left corner of right atrium
[B] lower left corner of left atrium
[C] lower right corner of left atrium
[D] upper right corner of right atrium

Question No:4

Human heart is

[A] neurogenic
[B] myogenic
[C] cardiogenic
[D] digenic

Question No:5

Which of the following term does not apply to human heart?

[A] Pacemaker
[B] Four chambered
[C] Mitral valve
[D] Neurogenic

Question No:6

Rate of heartbeat is determined by

[A] SA node
[B] AV node
[C] Purkinje fibres
[D] Papillary muscles

Question No:7

In amphibia, the heart has

[A] two auricles and two ventricles
[B] two auricles and one ventricle
[C] one auricle and two ventricles
[D] one auricle, one ventricle and one sinus venosus

Question No:8

SA node is called pace maker of the heart. Why?

[A] It can change contractile activity generated by AV node
[B] It delays the transmission of impulse between the atria and ventricles
[C] It gets stimulated when it receives neural signal
[D] It initiates and maintains the rhythmic contractile activity of heart

Question No:9

Sino-A trial node (SAN) can generate impulses

[A] 70-75 min-1
[B] 50-55 min-1
[C] 35-40min-1
[D] 90-100min-1

Question No:10

The impulse of heartbeat originates from

[C] Vagus nerve
[D] Cardiac nerve

Question No:11

Rate of heart is determined by

[C] Purkinje fibres
[D] Bundle of His

Question No:12

Bundle of HIS is a group of

[A] ganglia
[B] nerve fibres
[C] muscular fibres
[D] connective tissue

Question No:13

Bundle of HIS found in

[A] right atrium
[B] left atrium
[C] both
[D] interventricular septum

Question No:14

An Atrioventricular valve prevents the back flow or leakage of blood from the

[A] right ventricle into the right atrium
[B] left atrium into the left ventricle
[C] aorta into the left ventricle
[D] d) pulmonary vein into the right atrium

Question No:15

How many double circulation are normally completed by the human heart in one minute?

[A] 8
[B] 16
[C] 36
[D] 72