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Body Fluids and Circulation Mock Test-3

Question No:1

How many mechanism are there for clotting in our body?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:2

Lymph is known as

[A] tissue fluid
[B] interstitial fluid
[C] both of above
[D] plasma

Question No:3


[A] transports oxygen to brain
[B] transport CO2 to lungs
[C] returns interstitial fluid to blood
[D] returns RBCs and WBCs to lymph nodes

Question No:4

Find the correct descending order to percentage proportion of leucocytes in human blood.

[A] Neutrophils —> Basophils —> Lymphocytes —> Acidophils (Eosinophils) —> Monoytes
[B] Neutrophils —> Monoytes —> Lymphocytes —>Acidophils —> Basophils
[C] Neutrophils -> Lymphocytes —> Monoytes —> Acidophils -> Basophils
[D] Neutrophils —> Acidophils —> Basophils —> Lymphocytes —> Monocytes

Question No:5

In case of emergency, which blood group could be safely transfused?

[B] ABRh+
[C] O Rh-
[D] O Rh+

Question No:6

Which of the following is expected if husband is Rh* and wife is Rh-?

[A] No problem in the first pregnancy
[B] Problems in future pregnancies
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] No problem in any pregnancy

Question No:7

What is the correct order of these events?
1) Conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
2)Clot retraction and leakage of serum
3) Thromoboplastin formation
4) Conversion of prothrombin to thrombin

[A] 3,2,1,4
[B] 3,4,1,2
[C] 3,4,2,1
[D] 4,1,3,2

Question No:8

Open circulatory system is found in

[A] Arthopods and molluscs
[B] Annelids and Chordates
[C] Annelids and Arthopods
[D] Fishes and molluscs

Question No:9

Close circulatory system is found in

[A] Arthropod and chordates
[B] Molluscs and chordates
[C] Amphibians and molluscs
[D] Annelids and chordates

Question No:10

In an open circulatory system,

[A] there is no heart
[B] there is no need of blood vessels
[C] there are open spaces or sinuses in the body
[D] all

Question No:11

Which of the following has a closed type of circulatory system?

[A] Cockroach
[B] Fish
[C] Scorpion
[D] Mollusc

Question No:12

Which of the following has a closed blood vascular system?

[A] Cockroach
[B] Hydra
[C] Sponge
[D] Earthworm

Question No:13

Single heart circuit occurs in

[A] fishes
[B] frogs
[C] reptiles
[D] man

Question No:14

Four chambered heart is found in

[A] cobra
[B] tortoise
[C] salamander
[D] crocodile

Question No:15

Select correct matching:
Column I— Column II
(A) Fishes (i) 3 chambered
(B) Amphibian (ii) 4 chambered
(C) Reptiles (iii) 1 chambered
(D) Birds (iv) 2 chambered
(E) Mammals
(F) Crocodile

[A] (A) , (B)-(iii)
[B] (B),(C)-(i)
[C] (D), (E), (F)-(iv)
[D] (A), (B),(C)-(ii)