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Environmental Issues Mock Test-5

Question No:1

How deep should nuclear waste after sufficient pre-treatment be buried (in shielded containers) within the rocks below the earth’s surface?

[A] 100m
[B] 200m
[C] 300m
[D] 500m

Question No:2

Without greenhouse effect the average temperature at surface of Earth would have been

[A] -0 ℃
[B] 15℃
[C] -18 ℃
[D] 6℃

Question No:3

Earth’s present average temperature is:

[A] 0℃
[B] 15 ℃
[C] -18℃
[D] 6℃

Question No:4

What part of the incoming solar radiation actually comes through and falls on Earth’s surface heating it?

[A] 1/4
[B] 1/2
[C] 1/3
[D] 2/3

Question No:5

Which gas contributes the maximum to the greenhouse effect?

[A] CH4
[B] CO2
[C] CFCs
[D] N2O

Question No:6

What is the contribution of methane gas to the total global warming?

[A] 60%
[B] 20%
[C] 14%
[D] 6%

Question No:7

During the past century, the temperature of earth has increased by _____.

[A] 0.6 ℃
[B] 5 ℃
[C] 6 ℃
[D] 1℃

Question No:8

Greenhouse gases absorb _____ radiation from the earth and emit it again towards the earth. The cycle continues till the earth’s surface has no________ radiation to emit,

[A] long wave (infrared), long wave
[B] short wave (uv), long wave
[C] long wave (infrared), short wave (uv)
[D] short wave (uv), short wave (uv)

Question No:9

Rise in temperature is leading to deleterious changes in the environment and resulting is odd climatic change such as:

[A] Ozone depletion
[B] Greenhouse effect
[C] Water logging
[D] El Nino effect

Question No:10

We can control global warming by the following means except:

[A] Cut down use of fossil fuel
[B] Slow down growth of human population
[C] Improving efficiency of energy uses
[D] Deforestation

Question No:11

Thickness of ozone is measured in terms of:

[B] D.O.
[C] DU

Question No:12

Bad ozone is formed in:

[A] Stratosphere
[B] Ionosphere
[C] Troposphere
[D] Lithosphere

Question No:13

Which of the following bio molecule absorbs UV radiation?

[B] Protein
[C] Both a and b
[D] Carbohydrates

Question No:14

Good ozone is found in:

[A] Stratosphere
[B] Ionosphere
[C] Troposphere
[D] Lithosphere

Question No:15

Ozone degradation is done by:

[B] CFCs
[C] CH4
[D] CO2