NCERT NEET Ecology Population,NTA NEET 2021 Mock tests,exams,mcq

Ecology Organism and Population Mock Test-11

Question No:1

Best example of co-evolution

[A] Fig trees and pollinator species of wasp
[B] Fungus and cyanobacteria
[C] Sea anemone and clown fish
[D] All of them

Question No:2

Fruit of fig species provide

[A] Egg laying site to female wasp for oviposition
[B] Developing seed as food for the developing wasp larvae
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None of these

Question No:3

Select incorrect statement

[A] The mediterranean orchid ophrys employs sexual deceit to get pollinated
[B] In mycorrhazial association, fungi help the plant in the absorption of essential nutrients from the soil
[C] Pinus seeds cannot germinate and establish without the presence of mycorrhizae
[D] When resources are unlimited, the growth is usually logistic but when resources become progressively limiting, the growth pattern turns exponential

Question No:4

In Ophrys, one petal of female flower bears an uncanny resemblance to the female of the bee in which of the following aspect.

[A] Size
[B] Colour
[C] Markings
[D] All

Question No:5

In which of the following interaction only one of the species benefited

[A] Mutualism
[B] Competition
[C] Parasitism and Predation
[D] Amensalism

Question No:6

Which of the natural habitat on earth that is inhabited just by a single species

[A] Hot vents
[B] Forest
[C] Polar region
[D] None

Question No:7

Following breeds many times during their lifetime except

[A] Birds
[B] Mammals
[C] Amphibians
[D] Pacific salmon fish

Question No:8

Which of the following produce large number of small sized off springs?

[A] Oyster
[B] Pelagic fishes
[C] Mammals
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:9

Populations evolve to maximize their

[A] Health fitness
[B] Body fitness
[C] Mental fitness
[D] Reproductive fitness

Question No:10

Find out correct statement

[A] Under particular set of selection progresses, organism evolve towards the most efficient reproductive strategy
[B] In amensalism, one species is farmed whereas other is benefited
[C] Some species of insects and frogs are cryptically coloured (camouflaged) to avoid being detected easily by the prey
[D] ‘Biological Control’ methods adopted in agricultural pest control are based on the ability of the prey to regulate predator population

Question No:11

Biotic potential refers to

[A] Increase of population under optimum conditions.
[B] Increase of population under given conditions.
[C] Increase of population under natural conditions.
[D] Increase of population under climatic conditions.

Question No:12

A population has more young individuals compared to the older individuals. What would be the status of the population after some years?

[A] It will decline
[B] It will stabilise
[C] It will increase
[D] It will first decline and then stabilise

Question No:13

What parameters are used for tiger census in our country’s national parks and sanctuaries?

[A] Pug marks only
[B] Pug marks and faecal pellets
[C] Faecal pellets only
[D] Actual head counts

Question No:14

Which of the following would necessarily decrease the density of a population in a given habitat?

[A] Natality > mortality
[B] Immigration > emigration
[C] Mortality and emigration
[D] Natality and immigration

Question No:15

A protozoan reproduces by binary fission. What will be the number of protozoans in its population after six generations?

[A] 128
[B] 24
[C] 64
[D] 32