NTA NEET Biotechnology Principles,NCERT biotechnology questions,MCQ

Biotechnology Principles and Processes Mock Test-2

Question No:1

Restriction enzyme breaks

[A] Glycosidic linkage
[B] H-bond
[C] Sugar-phosphate linkage
[D] All of the above

Question No:2

Sequence recognize by Eco RI is


Question No:3

EcoRI cut palindrome sequence which produces overhanging stretches called sticky ends on each strand. These are named sticky because

[A] They can combine with any DNA.
[B] They form hydrogen bonds with their complementary cut counterpart.
[C] They facilitate the action of the enzyme DNA ligase.
[D] Both (b) and (c)

Question No:4

The extraction of DNA from a gel piece is known as

[A] Spooling
[B] Elution
[D] Annealing

Question No:5

The fragmented DNA can be visualized by staining DNA with

[A] NaCl
[B] Ethidium bromide
[C] Ethylene bromide
[D] NaBr

Question No:6

For cloning of foreign DNA it is attached with origin of vector which control

[A] Replication
[B] Copy number of replicating DNA
[C] Both (a) and (b)
[D] None

Question No:7

Find the true statement.

[A] Ori means origin of transcription.
[B] Some bacterial cell may have copy number of plasmid vary from 15—100.
[C] Vector should have many recognition sites for commonly used restriction enzymes so that alien DNA can attach to any one of the sites easily.
[D] tetR gene in pBR322 can be cleared by Pvu I and Pst I.

Question No:8

Following antibiotic resistance genes are used as selectable marker for E. coli

[A] Chloromphenicol
[B] Tetracycline
[C] Kanamycin
[D] All of these

Question No:9

If alien DNA in introduced using Sal I in pBR322 then transformant will grow on

[A] Ampicillin
[B] Tetracycline
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:10

Select the incorrect matching

[A] pBR322 – E. coli cloning vector
[B] Eco R I, Cla – Restriction enzyme I, Hind IE
[C] ROP — Protein involved in the replication of the plasmid
[D] PCR – Technique in which multiple copies of the gene (or DNA) ___________of interest hi synthesized in vitro _______

Question No:11

Select the incorrect statement.

[A] Selection of recombinants due to inactivation of antibiotic is a cumbersome procedure.
[B] Insertional inactivation of β-galactosidase leads to colorless colonies.
[C] Insertional inactivation of β-glactosidase leads to blue color colonies.
[D] In insertional inactivation, the r-DNA is inserted within the coding sequence of an enzyme β-glactosidase.

Question No:12

Which vector is use to deliver gene in animal cell?

[A] Retroviruses
[B] Disarmed retroviruses
[C] Ti-plasmid
[D] E. coli

Question No:13

To make bacterium competent (Transformation with recombinant DNA) we use

[A] Specific concentration of Ca2+ ion
[B] Heat shock (42℃)
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:14

By which method is rDNA directly placed in nucleus of animal cell?

[A] Gene gun (biolistics)
[B] Heat shock
[C] CaCl2
[D] Micro-injection

Question No:15

Way to introduce alien DNA into host cell includes

[A] Disarmed pathogens
[B] Biolistics or gene gun
[C] Micro-injection
[D] All of the above