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Biotechnology and its Application Mock Test-5

Question No:1

Which of the following peptide chain is removed during maturation of pro-insulin into insulin?

[A] A-peptide
[B] B-peptide
[C] C-peptide
[D] B and C peptide

Question No:2

The Bt-toxin is not toxic to human beings because

[A] The pro Bt-toxin inactivation requires temperature above human body temperature.
[B] The Bt-toxin recognizes only insect specific target.
[C] The Bt-toxin formation from pro Bt-toxin requires pH lower than that present hi the human stomach.
[D] Conversion of pro Bt-toxin to Bt-toxin takes place only in highly alkaline conditions.

Question No:3


Question No:4

Why is insulin not administrated orally to diabetic patients?

[A] Insulin is bitter in taste.
[B] Insulin is a peptide.
[C] Insulin will lead to sudden decrease in blood sugar if given orally.
[D] Insulin leads to peptic ulcer if given orally.

Question No:5

The method of DNA fingerprinting involves the use of

[A] Restriction enzyme
[B] Taq polymerase
[C] Oligonucleotide primers
[D] All of the above

Question No:6

Pro-insulin contain

[A] A-peptide
[B] B-peptide
[C] C-peptide
[D] All of these

Question No:7

What is the source of T plasmid which is modified and used as a cloning vector to deliver the desired genes into plant cells?

[A] Agrobacterium tumefaciens
[B] Thermophilus aquaricus
[C] Pyrococcus furiosus
[D] Aedes aegypti

Question No:8

The first clinical gene therapy was given in

[A] 1992
[B] 1990
[C] 1995
[D] 1997

Question No:9

The thermostable enzyme ‘Taq’ and ‘Pfu’ isolated from thermophilic bacteria are

[A] RNA polymerase
[B] DNA polymerase
[C] Restriction endonuclease
[D] DNA ligase

Question No:10

Select the incorrect matching.

[A] ADA —> Adenosine aminase
[B] ELISA —> Enzyme linked inmunosorbent assay
[C] PCR -> Polymers Chain Reaction
[D] PKU -> Phenyl Ketonuria

Question No:11

The term ‘molecular scissor’ generally refers to

[A] DNA polymerase
[B] RNA polymerase
[C] Restriction endonuclease
[D] DNA ligase

Question No:12

ADA deficiency is due to

[A] Insertion of gene
[B] Deletion of gene
[C] Duplication of gene
[D] Translocation of gene

Question No:13

Permanent cure for ADA deficiency is

[A] Genetically engineered lymphocyte
[B] Bone marrow transplantation
[C] Enzyme replacement therapy
[D] ADA gene introduced in early embryonic stages