NCERT Biology Biotechnology,Chapter wise biology mock test for NEET

Biotechnology and its Application Mock Test-3

Question No:1

Golden rice is enriched in

[A] Beta carotene
[B] Lysine
[C] Vitamin C
[D] Iron

Question No:2

Bt-toxin is obtained from

[A] Bacilli
[B] Cocci
[C] Vibrio
[D] Spirillum

Question No:3

Engineered bacteria have successfully been used for commercial production of

[A] Human insulin
[B] Melstonine
[C] Thyrosine
[D] Testosteron

Question No:4

A nematode ______ infects the roots of tobacco plants and causes great reduction in yield,

[A] ancylostoma
[B] hookworm
[C] meloidegyne incognitia
[D] wuchereria

Question No:5

The first transgenic crop plant was

[A] Cotton
[B] Cereals
[C] Tobacco
[D] Pea

Question No:6

RNAi process takes place in

[A] Prokaryotes
[B] Unicellular eukaryotes only
[C] Multicellular eukaryote only
[D] All eukaryotes

Question No:7

Which of the following cuts the DNA at a specific place?

[A] Restriction endonuclease
[B] DNA ligase
[C] Exonuclease
[D] Alkaline phosphatase

Question No:8

Which is true about RNAi process?

[A] Method of cellular defense
[B] It involves silencing of a specific m-RNA due to a complementary dsRNA molecule.
[C] Source of complementary RNA in this process may be infection by viruses having RNA genomes.
[D] All are correct.

Question No:9

The most commonly used bacterium in plant genetic engineering is (a) E. coli

[A] E. coli
[B] Rhizobium
[C] Klebsiella
[D] Agrobacterium

Question No:10


Question No:11

In which of the processes is both the DNA strands transcribed?

[B] DNA replication
[C] RNAi
[D] Southern blotting

Question No:12

The source of Taq polymerase used in PCR technique is a

[A] Thermophilic fungus
[B] Mesophilic fungus
[C] Thermophilic bacteria
[D] Halophilic bacteria

Question No:13

Which of the following vector is used to transfer Nematode specific gene hi host plant?

[A] Virus
[B] Rhizobium
[C] Agrobacterium
[D] Cosmid

Question No:14

What is true about Bt-toxin?

[A] The concerned Bacillus has antitoxins.
[B] The inactive protoxin gets converted into active form in the insect gut.
[C] Bt-protein exists as active toxin in the Bacillus,
[D] The activated toxin enters the ovary of pest to sterilize it and thus prevent its multiplication.

Question No:15

RNAi stands for

[A] RNA infection
[B] RNA induction
[C] RNA interference
[D] RNA inhibition