NEET Biology important topics,stragies enhancement food production mcq

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Test-5

Question No:1

Iron fortified rice variety is ______ times richer in iron than the commonly used varieties,

[A] two
[B] three
[C] c) four
[D] five

Question No:2

Wheat variety Atlas is rich hi

[A] Lipid content
[B] Water content
[C] Protein content
[D] Mineral content

Question No:3

IARI, New Delhi released several vegetable crops that are rich in vitamins and mineral. With respect to that select the correct match.
Column-I—- Column-II
Vitamin A A. Correct, spinach, pumpkin
Vitamin C B. Bitter gourd, bathua, mustard, tomato
Fe and Ca C. Spinach and bathua
Protein D. road bean, lablab, French and garden peas

[A] A-2, B-3, C-1.D-4
[B] A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4
[C] A-4, B-1.C-2, D-3
[D] A-3,B-4, C-1, D-2

Question No:4

Diet deficient in essential micro nutrients like Iron, Vitamin A, iodine and Zinc is responsible for

[A] Increase risk of disease
[B] Reduce life span
[C] Reduce mental abilities
[D] All of the above

Question No:5

Select the wrong combination.

[A] SCP-Single Cell Protein
[B] IRRI-International Rice Research Institute
[C] MOET-Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology
[D] IARI—Indian Agro Revolution Institute

Question No:6

______ kg of grains produces ______ kg of meat by animal farming,

[A] 3-10, 2
[B] 3-10, 10
[C] 3-10,1
[D] 3-10,5

Question No:7

What percentage of human population is suffering from hunger?

[A] >25%
[B] >70%
[C] >80%
[D] >90%

Question No:8

Which has high rate of biomass production?

[A] Cow
[B] Buffalow
[C] Methylophilus methylotrophus
[D] Pavo-cristatus

Question No:9

Spirulina can be grown easily on

[A] Waste water from potato processing plant
[B] Straw and molasses
[C] Animal manure and sewage
[D] All of the above

Question No:10

______ of a micro-organism like Methylophilus methylotrophus, because of its high rate of biomass production and growth, can be expected to produce ______ of protein.

[A] 250 gm, 25 tonnes
[B] 50 gm, 25 tonnes
[C] 20 gm, 25kg
[D] 25 gin, 250 gm

Question No:11

Following organism can be used as food

[A] Mushroom
[B] Spirulina
[C] Chlorella
[D] All

Question No:12

One of the alternate sources of proteins for animal and human nutrition is


Question No:13

The shift from grain to meat diet creates more demand for cereals as it takes ______ kg of grain to produce ______ kg of meat by animal farming,

[A] 1,1
[B] 2,2
[C] 3-10,1
[D] 1,3-10

Question No:14

In tissue culture, any part of a plant is taken out and grown in a test tube under sterile conditions in a special nutrient medium to regenerate whole plant. Part of plant used for this purpose is known as

[A] Somaclone
[B] Embryo
[C] Explant
[D] Zygote

Question No:15

Capacity to regenerate whole plant from plant cell or explant is known as

[A] Totipotency
[B] Pleuripotency
[C] Metaplasia
[D] Atrophy