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Anatomy of Flowering Plants Mock Exam-3

Question No:1

Which of the following tissues gives tensile strength against bending and swaying?

[A] Parenchyma
[B] Collenchyma
[C] Sclereids
[D] All

Question No:2

A simple mechanical tissue devoid of lignin is

[A] parenchyma
[B] collenchymas
[C] sclerenchyma
[D] chlorenchyma

Question No:3

Primary plant body is made up of

[A] meristematic tissues
[B] simple tissues
[C] complex tissues
[D] all the above

Question No:4

Hard lignified thick-walled long and pointed cells of a plant are

[A] parenchyma
[B] sclerenchyma fibers
[C] collenchymas
[D] Sclereids

Question No:5

A thick-walled lignified simple mechanical tissue is

[A] parenchyma
[B] collenchymas
[C] sclerenchyma
[D] chlorenchyma

Question No:6

How many types of cells consist in complex tissue?

[A] More than one
[B] More than three
[C] One type
[D] None of the above

Question No:7

Function of xylem are

[A] conduct water from root to stem and leaves
[B] conduct mineral from root to stem and leaves
[C] provide mechanical strength to plant
[D] all

Question No:8

Xylem is composed of how many different elements?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:9

Gymnosperm lacks ______ in their xylem.

[A] tracheids
[B] vessels
[C] xylem fibres
[D] xylem parenchyma

Question No:10

Select the correct matching
Column I — Column II
A. Tracheids—-1) Elongated and tube like cells with thick and lignified wall and tapering ends.
B. Vessels—2) Tube like structure made up of many cells, each cell with lignified wall and large central cavity.
C. Xylem fibre—3) Highly thickened walls and obliterated central humans.
D. Xylem parenchyma—4) Living cell with thin cell wall made up of cellulose,

[A] A-2, B-1,C-3,D-4
[B] A-3, B-C-2, D-4
[C] A-1,B-2,C-3,D-4
[D] A-B-2, C-1,D-4

Question No:11

Xylem parenchyma stores

[A] starch
[B] fat
[C] tannins
[D] all

Question No:12

Phloem parenchyma stores

[A] resins
[B] latex
[C] mucilage
[D] all

Question No:13

Select the incorrect statement from the following:

[A] Vessel members are interconnected through perforations in their common walls
[B] Presence of vessel is a characteristic feature of angiosperms
[C] Radial conduction of water takes place by the ray parenchymatous cells
[D] Tracheids, vessel, xylem sclerenchyma and parenchyma are without protoplast

Question No:14

Protoplast is absent in all except

[A] tracheids
[B] vessels
[C] xylem Sclerenchyma
[D] xylem parenchyma

Question No:15

The primary xylem elements formed are called ______ and the secondary xylem formed is called ______.

[A] protoxylem, protoxylem
[B] metaxylem, metaxylem
[C] protoxylem, metaxylem
[D] metaxylem, protoxylem