NCERT anatomy flowering plant NTA NEET 2021 grand tests papers,exam

Anatomy of Flowering Plants Mock Exam-11

Question No:1

Which of the following is not a characteristic feature of the anatomy of dicotyledonous root?

[A] Radial vascular bundles
[B] Secondary growth
[C] Pith little or absent
[D] conjoint collateral

Question No:2

Endodermis of dicot stem is also called

[A] bundle sheath
[B] starch sheath
[C] Mesophyll
[D] pith

Question No:3

The cell layer located at the periphery in the cross-section of the root is called

[A] endodermis
[B] epiblema
[C] Pericycle
[D] xylem

Question No:4

Exarch xylem is found in

[A] root
[B] stem
[C] leaf
[D] rachis

Question No:5

Two to four xylem bundle are found in

[A] monocot root
[B] monocot stem
[C] dicot stem
[D] dicot root

Question No:6

Collenchymatous hypodermis is characteristics of

[A] dicot stem
[B] monocot stem
[C] monocot as well as dicot stem
[D] hydrophytes

Question No:7

Vascular bundles in dicot stem are

[A] conjoint and collateral
[B] conjoint and closed
[C] conjoint, collateral and open
[D] collateral and open

Question No:8

Cortex and pith are not distinguished in

[A] dicot stem
[B] monocot stem
[C] dicot root
[D] monocot root

Question No:9

In a dorsiventral leaf, location of palisade tissue and phloem are known as

[A] Abaxial and Abaxial
[B] Adaxial and Abaxial
[C] Adaxial and adaxial
[D] Abaxial and adaxial

Question No:10

Which of the following is seen in a monocot root?

[A] Large pith
[B] Vascular cambium
[C] Endarch xylem
[D] Medullary ray

Question No:11

In what respect, the Pericycle of a root differs from that of the stem?

[A] Sclerenchymatous in root and collenchymatous in stem
[B] Collenchymatous in root and parenchymatous in stem
[C] Parenchymatous in root and sclerenchymatous in stem
[D] Parenchymatous in root and collenchymatous in stem

Question No:12

Collenchyma generally occurs

[A] in scattered dicot roots
[B] in a ring in monocot roots
[C] in patches under epidermis in dicot stem
[D] in all of the above

Question No:13

Phloem parenchyma is absent in

[A] dicot root
[B] dicot leaf
[C] monocot stem
[D] dicot stem

Question No:14

Collenchyma tissue is present in

[A] dicot stem
[B] monocot stem
[C] dicot root
[D] flowers