NCERT anatomy flowering plant NEET 2021 model tests papers,exams

Anatomy of Flowering Plants Mock Exam-14

Question No:1

Ground tissue includes:

[A] All tissues except epidermis and vascular bundles
[B] Epidermis and cortex
[C] All tissues internal to endodermis
[D] All tissues external to endodermis

Question No:2

In land plants, the guard cells differ from other epidermal cells in having:

[A] Mitochondria
[B] Endoplasmic reticulum
[C] Chloroplasts
[D] Cytoskeleton

Question No:3

The cork cambium, cork and secondary cortex are collectively called:

[A] Phellogen
[B] Periderm
[C] Phellem
[D] Phelloderm

Question No:4

As compared to a dicot root, a monocot root has:

[A] Many xylem bundles
[B] Inconspicuous annual rings
[C] Relatively thicker periderm
[D] More abundant secondary xylem

Question No:5

The common bottle cork is a product of:

[A] Dermatogen
[B] Phellogen
[C] Xylem
[D] Vascular Cambium

Question No:6

Closed vascular bundles lack:

[A] Ground tissue
[B] Conjunctive tissue
[C] Cambium
[D] Pith

Question No:7

Water containing cavities in vascular bundles are found in:

[A] Sunflower
[B] Maize
[C] Cycas
[D] Pinus

Question No:8

Gymnosperms are also called soft wood spermatophytes because they lack:

[A] Cambium
[B] Phloem fibres
[C] Thick – walled tracheids
[D] Xylem fibres

Question No:9

Inter fascicular cambium develops from the cells of:

[A] Medullary rays
[B] Xylem parenchyma
[C] Endodermis
[D] Pericycle

Question No:10

Lenticels are involved in:

[A] Transpiration
[B] Gaseous exchange
[C] Food transport
[D] Photosynthesis

Question No:11

Age of a tree can be estimated by:

[A] Its height and girth
[B] Biomass
[C] Number of annual rings
[D] Diameter of its heartwood

Question No:12

You are given a fairly old piece of dicot stem and a dicot root. Which of the following anatomical structures will you use to distinguish between the two?

[A] Secondary xylem
[B] Secondary phloem
[C] Protoxylem
[D] Cortical cells

Question No:13

Tracheids differ from other tracheary element in:

[A] Having casparian strips
[B] Being imperforate
[C] Lacking nucleus
[D] Being lignified

Question No:14

Vascular bundles in monocotyledons are considered closed because:

[A] A bundle sheath surrounds each bundles
[B] Cambium is absent
[C] There are no vessels with perforations
[D] Xylem is surrounded all around by phloem

Question No:15

A major characteristic of the monocot root is the presence of:

[A] Open vascular bundles
[B] Scattered vascular bundles
[C] Vasculature without cambium
[D] Xylem along the radius

Question No:16

Read the different components from (a) to(d) in the list given below and tell the correct order of the components with reference to their arrangement from outer side to inner side in a woody dicot stem:

(a) Secondary cortex
(b) Wood
(c) Secondary cortex
(d) Phellem
The correct order is:

[A] ( a ), (b), (d), (c)
[B] (d), (a), (c), ( b )
[C] (d), ( c ), (a), (b)
[D] (c), ( d ), (b), (a)