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Anatomy of Flowering Plants Mock Exam-7

Question No:1

Vascular bundles having xylem and phloem which lie at the same radius is termed as

[A] concentric
[B] radial
[C] collateral
[D] amphicribral

Question No:2

Which of the following would not secrete a cuticle?

[A] Root epidermis
[B] Leaf epidermis
[C] Xerophytes
[D] Stem epidermis

Question No:3

Which one of the following is a type of tissue system?

[A] Parenchyma
[B] Sclerenchyma
[C] Vascular
[D] All

Question No:4

Root hairs are

[A] acellular
[B] unicellular
[C] multicellular
[D] multicellular and unicellular

Question No:5

Vascular bundles of roots are

[A] conjoint
[B] concentric
[C] bicollateral
[D] radial

Question No:6

Radial vascular bundle can be seen in

[A] leaf
[B] dicotroot
[C] stem
[D] flower

Question No:7

When xylem and phloem are separated by a strip of cambium it is called

[A] collateral and open
[B] collateral and closed
[C] bicollatoral and open
[D] concentric and closed

Question No:8

Vascular bundle is closed when

[A] cambium is present
[B] cambium is absent
[C] Pericycle is absent
[D] none

Question No:9

Following features belong to which option?
I. Cortex is made up of several layers of thin-walled parenchyma cells with intercellular spaces.
II. Endoderm is made up of single layer of barrel-shaped cells without any intercellular spaces.
III. Few layers of thick-walled parenchymatous cell forms Pericycle.
IV. Pith is small or inconspicuous.
V. Conjuctive tissue present 2 to 4 xylem and phloem patches,

[A] dicot root
[B] dicot stem
[C] monocot root
[D] monocot stem

Question No:10

Stele is made up of (in dicot root)

[A] Pericycle
[B] vascular bundle
[C] pith
[D] all

Question No:11

Outside to inside the layer of monocot root are

[A] Endodermis-Epidermis-Cortex-Pith-Vascular bundle-Pericycle
[B] Pith-Epidermis-Endodermis-Cortex-Pericycle-Vascular bundle
[C] Epidermis-Cortex—Endodermis-Pericycle-Vascular bundle-Pith
[D] Pericycle-Vascular bundle-Cortex-Pith-Epidermis-Endodermis

Question No:12

Following features belong to which option?
I. Epidermis may bear trachoma and few stomata.
II. Cortex is divided into three sub-zones.
III. Hypodermis made up of collenchymas starch sheath.
IV. Pericycle above phloem in form of semi lunar patches of sclerenchyma.

[A] dicot root
[B] dicot stem
[C] monocot root
[D] monocot stem

Question No:13

Select the incorrect statement among the following:

[A] Ring arrangement of vascular bundle is a characteristic of dicot stem
[B] Phloem parenchyma is absent in monocot stem
[C] Monocots have sclerenchymatous hypodermis
[D] In monocot peripheral, vascular bundle, which are generally large and centrally located, are small and water-containing cavities are present within the vascular bundle

Question No:14

Which of the following is correct about dorsiventral leaf?

[A] The veins vary in thickness in the reticulate venation
[B] Palisade parenchyma is abaxially placed
[C] Abaxial surface bears no stomata
[D] The size of vascular bundles are independent on the size of veins

Question No:15

Which of the following is incorrect about isobilateral leaf?

[A] Stomata present on both surfaces
[B] Undifferentiated Mesophyll
[C] Nearly same size vascular bundle present all over leaf
[D] It is monocot leaf