NCERT Locomotive movement sample,modle,grand.mock papers NEET

Locomotion and Movement Mock Exam-7

Question No:1

Appendicular skeleton includes all except

[A] hind limb
[B] fore limb
[C] amphicoelous vertebra
[D] pectoral and pelvic girdle

Question No:2

Patella is associated with

[A] elbow
[B] knee
[C] neck
[D] wrist

Question No:3

Which one of the cartilage helps in early birth of a child, without damage to the pelvic girdle?

[A] Hyaline cartilage
[B] Elastic cartilage
[C] Calcified cartilage
[D] Fibrous cartilage

Question No:4

Total number of bones in the hind limb of a man is

[A] 14
[B] 21
[C] 24
[D] 30

Question No:5

Which of the following is an example of appendicular skeleton?

[A] Bones of skull
[B] Bones of vertebral column
[C] Ribs
[D] Bones of fore and hind limbs

Question No:6

Longest bone of human body is

[A] femur (thigh bones)
[B] tibia
[C] patella (knee cap)
[D] humeras

Question No:7

All are bones of forelimb except

[A] radius
[B] ulna
[C] humerus
[D] tibia

Question No:8

Carpals, metacarpals, tarsals, Metatarsals are ___ and ___ in numbers respectively

[A] 8,5,7,5
[B] 8,7,5,5
[C] 8,5,8,5
[D] 8,5,5,7

Question No:9

How many ankle bones are present in the human body?

[A] 7
[B] 5
[C] 8
[D] 14

Question No:10

Each girdle of appendicular skeleton is made up of

[A] two halves
[B] three halves
[C] four halves
[D] five halves

Question No:11

Each of Pectoral girdle is consist of

[A] Clavicle
[B] Scapula
[C] Humerus
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:12

Scapula is a large triangular and flat bone situated in the dorsal part of the thorax between ___ to ___ ribs,

[A] 2,5
[B] 2,7
[C] 2,6
[D] 2,8

Question No:13

Which of the following is correct about clavicle?

[A] Known as collar bone
[B] Long bone
[C] It has two curvatures
[D] All

Question No:14

Scapula has slightly elevated ridge called the spine, which projects as a flat, expanded process known as

[A] coracoid
[B] greater tubercle
[C] acromian
[D] lesser tubercle

Question No:15

Joints are lubricated by

[A] epidermis
[B] dermis
[C] tympanic membrane
[D] synovial fluid