NEET Biology Respiration plants mcq,pdfs,model,mock exam

Respiration in plants Mock Test-6

Question No:1

Link between glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle is

[A] citric acid
[B] acetyl CoA
[C] succinic acid
[D] oxaloacetic acid

Question No:2

The reaction of Kreb’s cycle take place

[A] in cytoplasm
[B] in endoplasmic reticulum
[C] in matrix of mitochondria
[D] on the surface of mitochondrion

Question No:3

Oxidative phosphorylation occurs in the

[A] outer membrane of mitochondria
[B] inner membrane of mitochondria
[C] stroma of chloroplast
[D] grana of chloroplast

Question No:4

Which of the following is the correct sequence in Kreb’s cycle?

[A] Isocitric acid —> Oxalosuccinic acid —> α-ketogluteric acid
[B] Oxalosuccinic acid -> Isocitric acid -> α-ketogluteric acid
[C] α-ketogluteric acid —> Isocitric acid —> Oxalosuccinic acid
[D] Isocitric acid —> α-ketogluteric acid —> Oxalosuccinic acid

Question No:5

In how many steps, CO2 is released in aerobic respiration of pyruvic acid?

[A] One
[B] Six
[C] Three
[D] Twelve

Question No:6

The formation of acetyl coenzyme-A from pyruvic acid is the result of its

[A] reduction
[B] dehydration
[C] dephosphorylation
[D] oxidative decarboxylation

Question No:7

Oxidative phosphorylation and Photophosphorylation both require the electron carrier

[A] cytochrome
[B] oxygen
[C] carbon dioxide
[D] water

Question No:8

In an electron transport chain, in terminal oxidation, the cytochrome which donates electrons to O2 is

[A] cytochrome b
[B] cytochrome c
[C] cytochrome a3
[D] cytochrome a

Question No:9

The last or terminal cytochrome in respiratory chain is

[A] Cyt b
[B] Cyt a3
[C] Cyt a
[D] Cyt c

Question No:10

The correct sequence of electron acceptor in ATP synthesis is

[A] Cyt a a3 b c
[B] Cyt b c a a3
[C] Cyt b c a3 a
[D] Cyt c b a a3

Question No:11

In Kreb’s cycle, the FAD precipitates as electron acceptor during the conversion of

[A] Succinyl CoA .to succinic acid
[B] α -ketoglutarate to succinyli CoA
[C] Fumaric acid to maleic acid
[D] Succinic acid to fumaric acid

Question No:12

RQ for glucose is

[A] 1
[B] 0.5
[C] 2
[D] 0.05

Question No:13

With which of the following fatty acid value of RQ is one?

[A] Acetic acid
[B] Oleic acid
[C] Stearic acid
[D] Palmitic acid

Question No:14

RQ is defined as

[A] Ratio between CO2 liberated and O2 taken
[B] Volume of oxygen taken
[C] Volume of carbon dioxide liberated
[D] Ratio between oxygen taken and fat utilized

Question No:15

RQ of fatty substances is generally

[A] unity
[B] less than one
[C] greater than one
[D] zero