NEET CBSE Botany reproduction organisms MCQs,Model,Mock Exams

Reproduction in Organisms Mock Test-3

Question No:1

Oestrous cycle occurs in:

(A) Cows
(B) Rats
(C) Deer
(D) All of these

Question No:2

Find the correct statement.

(A) ‘Reproductive phase’ is of same duration in all organisms.
(B) Birds in captivity can be made to lay eggs throughout the year.
(C) Female of non-primates shows cyclical changes during reproductive phase which is known as menstrual cycle.
(D) Perennial plants show clear cut vegetative, reproductive and senescent phase.

Question No:3

Most wild mammals are:

(A) Continuous breeder
(B) Seasonal breeder
(C) Continuous for half year, seasonal for next half year.
(D) None of the above

Question No:4

‘Humans’ are:

(A) Seasonal breeder
(B) Continuous breeder
(C) Both
(D) None of these

Question No:5

Which of the following can be considered as one of the parameter of senescence or old age?

(A) End of Juvenile or vegetative phase
(B) End of Reproductive phase
(C) Hormonal imbalance
(D) Slowing of metabolism due to disease

Question No:6

Pre-fertilization events among these are:

(A) Syngamy
(B) Gametogenesis and Gamete transfer
(C) Formation of zygote
(D) Embryogenesis

Question No:7

Gametes are generally:

(A) Haploid
(B) Triploid
(C) Diploid
(D) Hexaploid

Question No:8

Which of the following is/are male gametes?

(A) Egg
(B) Ovum
(C) c) Antherozoids
(D) Zygote

Question No:9

Count the total number of organisms which are monoecious. Cucurbits, Coconut, Papaya, Date palm, Chara, Marchantia

(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

Question No:10

Archegoniophore is present in:

(A) Chara
(B) Papaya
(C) Marchantia
(D) Fucus

Question No:11

Select the incorrect statement.

(A) Unisexual male flower is staminate.
(B) Unisexual female flower is pistillate.
(C) Heterothallic and dioecious are terms used to describe unisexual condition.
(D) Cockroach is a hermaphrodite.

Question No:12

Select the example/s of hermaphrodite organism/s among these,

(A) Earthworm
(B) Tapeworm
(C) Leech
(D) All of these

Question No:13

Monoecious plants means:
(A) Only male flowers are present in the plant
(B) Only female flowers are present in the plant
(C) Bisexual flowers are present in the plants
(D) Separate male and female flowers are present in the same plant.

(A) Only A
(B) Only D
(C) Only C
(D) C and D both

Question No:14

Which of these organisms has/have haploid parental body?

(A) Monera and fungi
(B) Algae
(C) Bryophytes
(D) All of these

Question No:15

Which of these organisms has/have diploid parental body?

(A) Pteridophyte and gymnosperm
(B) Angiosperm
(C) Most of animals
(D) All of the above