NEET Biology plant growth development pdf,mock,model,sample exam

Plant Growth and Development Mock Exam-9

Question No:1

Which of the following PGR is widely used as herbicide?

[A] Auxin
[B] Gibberiellic acid
[C] Cytokinins
[D] All

Question No:2

Which of the following PGR is widely used to kill dicotyledonous weeds?

[C] 2,4-D

Question No:3

2, 4—D does not show herbicidal action on

[A] chicory led ones
[B] monocoty ledonous
[C] mature dicotyledonous
[D] mature monocotyledonous

Question No:4

Auxin 2, 4-D used for what?

[A] To remove weeds from farms by formers.
[B] To remove weeds from lawn by gardeners
[C] To induce flowering in horticulture
[D] All

Question No:5

Auxin helps in what?

[A] Controlling phloem differentiation
[B] Controlling xylem differentiation
[C] Cell division
[D] Both (b) and (c)

Question No:6

How many varieties of Gibberellins reported from widely different verity of organisms?

[A] 100
[B] 120
[C] 145
[D] 140

Question No:7

Different types of Gibberellins is reported from what kind of organisms?

[A] fungi
[B] higher plants
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:8

Which of the following was first reported gibberellins to be discovered?

[A] GA1
[B] GA2
[C] GA3
[D] GA4

Question No:9

What is the chemical natural of all the GAs?

[A] Basic
[B] Acidic
[C] Neutral
[D] Slightly basic

Question No:10

Gibberellins bring about what kind of change in plants?

[A] Morphological
[B] Physiological
[C] Genetical
[D] None

Question No:11

Which ability of gibberellins is used to increase the length of grape stalks?

[A] ability to increase apically
[B] ability to increase in length of axis
[C] ability to avoid apical dominance
[D] all

Question No:12

How does gibberellins not chance quality of an apple?

[A] Make it sweeter
[B] Elongate it in size
[C] Improve its shape
[D] All

Question No:13

How can Gibberellins help to extend the market period?

[A] It delays senescence
[B] Increases ripening period
[C] Increases flowering time
[D] All

Question No:14

In the form of sugar, sugarcane stores what?

[A] Proteins
[B] Carbohydrates
[C] Glycoproteins
[D] None

Question No:15

On spraying Gibberellins on sugarcane crops what major change will it bring?

[A] Increase sweetness
[B] Increase length of stem
[C] Increase root strength
[D] All