NCERT Biology Photosynthesis higher plants class-12 mcqs,notes,pdfs

Photosynthesis Higher Plants Mock Exam-6

Question No:1

Which of the following is correct about biosynthetic phase?

[A] C14 isotope is used to find out this pathway
[B] Calvin worked on this pathway
[C] Melvin Calvin use photosynthetic algae for this pathway
[D] All

Question No:2

Similarity between C3 and C4 pathway:

[A] Both are equally efficient
[B] Organic acid is the formed as the first product of CO2 fixation
[C] Both require one type of cell to occur
[D] Both takes place in all the plants

Question No:3

Which pathway takes place in all photosynthetic plant?

[A] C3
[B] C4
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:4

For easy understanding, Calvin cycle is divided into how many stages?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:5

Calvin cycle include

[A] carboxylation
[B] reduction
[C] regeneration of RuBP
[D] all

Question No:6

Which process of Calvin cycle requires RuBP?

[A] Carboxylation
[B] Reduction
[C] Regeneration
[D] None

Question No:7

Reduction process of Calvin cycle requires how many ATP and NADPH for reduction of one molecule of CO2?

[A] 2 mole ATP and 3 mole NADPH
[B] 2 mole ATP and 2 mole NADPH
[C] 1 mole ATP and 2 mole NADPH
[D] 3 mole ATP and 2 mole NADPH

Question No:8

How many mols of ATP is required to regenerate one mol of RuBP?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:9

First stable product of Calvin cycle has

[A] 2 carbon atoms
[B] 3 carbon atoms
[C] 4 carbon atoms
[D] 6 carbon atoms

Question No:10

In dark reaction, first reaction is the

[A] carboxylation
[B] decarboxylation
[C] dehydrogenation
[D] deamidation

Question No:11

In C4 plants, CO2 combines with PEP in presence of

[A] PEP carboxylase
[B] RuBP carboxylase
[C] RuBP oxygenase
[D] hydrogenase

Question No:12

Dark reaction of photosynthesis is called so because it

[A] a) can also occur in dark
[B] does not require light energy
[C] cannot occur during day time
[D] occurs more rapidly at night

Question No:13

The initial enzyme of Calvin cycle is

[A] ribulose 1, 5 diphosphate carboxylase
[B] triose phosphate dehydrogenase
[C] phosphopentokinase
[D] cytochrome oxidase

Question No:14

During photosynthesis, when PGA is changed into phosphoglyceraldehyde, which of the following reaction occurs?

[A] oxidation
[B] reduction
[C] electrolysis
[D] hydrolysis

Question No:15

Ribulose diphosphate carboxylase enzyme catalyses the carboxylation reaction between

[A] Oxaloacetic acid and acetyl CoA
[B] CO2 and ribulose 1, 5 diphosphate
[C] Ribulose diphosphate and phosphoglyceraldehyde
[D] PGA and dihydroxy acetone phosphate