NCERT Biology Photosynthesis higher plants class-12 mcqs,pdfs,notes

Photosynthesis Higher Plants Mock Exam-2

Question No:1

Stored form of glucose in plant is

[A] inulin
[B] sucrose
[C] starch
[D] glycogen

Question No:2

Who provided evidence for the production of glucose when plant grow?

[A] lan Ingenhousz
[B] Joseph Priestley
[C] Von Sachs
[D] Cornelius Van Niel

Question No:3

Von Sachs studies shows that

[A] green substance in plants is located in special bodies within the plant cell
[B] glucose is made in green paut of plant
[C] glucose is usually stored as starch
[D] all

Question No:4

First action spectrum of photosynthesis is described often as an experiment of

[A] Jan Ingenhousz
[B] Joseph Priestley
[C] Von Sachs
[D] Engelmann

Question No:5

Which of the following is incorrect about the experiment performed by T.W. Engelmann?

[A] Cldophora (a green algae) is used
[B] Suspension of aerobic bacteria is used
[C] Bacteria accumulated mainly in the region of orange and green light of the split spectrum
[D] Prism was used to split light into its spectral component

Question No:6

A first action spectrum of photosynthesis was described on the basis of experiment performed by T.W. Engelmann on ……….. algae,

[A] green
[B] red
[C] brown
[D] all

Question No:7

Which of the following pigments resemble the action spectrum produced on the basis of Engelmann experiment?
A. CM a
B. Chl b
C. Xanthophyll
D. Carotenoids

[A] A and C only
[B] A and B only
[C] Only A
[D] C and D only

Question No:8

Who demostrated that photosynthesis is essentially a light-dependent reaction in which hydrogen from a suitable oxidisable compound reduces CO2, to carbohydrates?

[A] Engelmann
[B] Van Sachs
[C] C. Van Niel
[D] Ingenhousz

Question No:9

Van Neil performed the experiment O2 on

[A] Purple and Green bacteria
[B] Green algae
[C] Green plants
[D] Fungus

Question No:10

Van Neil was a

[A] physicist
[B] microbiologist
[C] biochemist
[D] chemist

Question No:11

Which of the following reaction expresses Van Niel reaction for photosynthesis?

[A] CO2, + H2O \xrightarrow{Light}\) [CH2,O] + O2
[B] 2H2A + CO2 \xrightarrow{Light}\) 2A + CH2O + H2 O
[C] 6CO2 + 12H2 O \xrightarrow{Light}\) C6H12O6 + 6H2O + 6O2
[D] 6CO2, + 6H2O \xrightarrow{Light}\) C6H12O6 + 6O2

Question No:12

What are the probable oxidation production of H2S in purple and green sulphur bacteria?

[A] Sulphur
[B] Sulphate
[C] Both
[D] None

Question No:13

The correct equation of photosynthesis is

[A] CO2,H2O\xrightarrow{Light}\)[CH2O]+O2
[B] 2H2A + CO2 \xrightarrow{Light}\)CH2O+H2O
[C] 6CO2 +12H2 O\xrightarrow{Light}\)C6H12O6+6H2O+6O2
[D] 6CO2, + 6H2O\xrightarrow{Light}\) [C6H12 O6] + 6O2

Question No:14

By using a ……….. isotope it can be proved that O2 is released from water during photosynthesis

[A] radioactive
[B] heavy
[C] both
[D] none

Question No:15

Photosynthesis is a

[A] single-step process
[B] two-step process
[C] three-step process
[D] multi-step process