CBSE class11 NEET Biology model Test,sample,practice tests,Questions

Molecular Basis of Inheritance Model Test-3

Question No:1

Central dogma in molecular biology was independently proposed by

[A] Wilkins
[B] Crick
[C] Watson
[D] Franklin

Question No:2

Which of the unusual metabolic process is shown by viruses?

[A] DNA to RNA
[B] RNA to DNA
[C] Proteins to RNA
[D] None of these

Question No:3

RNA —> DNA is termed as

[A] Reverse translation
[B] Reverse replication
[C] Reverse transcription
[D] Reverse transformation

Question No:4

The length of human DNA is approximately

[A] 2.2 meters considering all cells of body
[B] 3.1 meters considering only one cell
[C] 2.2 meters considering only one cell
[D] None of the above

Question No:5

DNA is held together by which proteins in prokaryotes?

[A] Negatively charged proteins
[B] Positively charged proteins
[C] Amphoteric proteins
[D] Histone proteins

Question No:6

Which statement is true in the context of histones?

[A] They are positively charged acidic proteins
[B] They are positively charged amphoteric protein
[C] They are positively charged basic proteins
[D] None of the above

Question No:7

In a nucleosome, histones are organized hi which structure?

[A] (Detainer
[B] Hexamer
[C] Decamer
[D] Septamer

Question No:8

The initial structure formed at the beginning of coiling of DNA around histones is

[A] Nuclein
[B] Solenoid
[C] Nucleosome
[D] Chromatin

Question No:9

Histones are rich in which amino acid?

[A] Methionine, Arginine
[B] Lysine, Arginine
[C] Lysine, Proline
[D] Methionine, Lysine

Question No:10

Typically a nucleosome consists of how many base pairs?

[A] 190
[B] 200
[C] 300
[D] 310

Question No:11

Chromatin is made up of

[A] Centromere
[B] Nucleoid
[C] Centrosome
[D] Nucleosome

Question No:12

‘Beads-on-string’ structure can be viewed under:

[A] Light microscope
[B] Compound microscope
[C] Confocal Laser microscope
[D] Electron microscope

Question No:13

‘Beads-on-string’ structure in chromatin is packaged to form _____.

[A] Nucleosomes
[B] Solenoids
[C] Chromatin fibres
[D] Chromatids

Question No:14

Chromatin fibres coil and condense at _____ stage of cell division to form ____

[A] prophase, nucleosomal
[B] telophase, solenoid
[C] metaphase, chromosome
[D] anaphase, chromatid

Question No:15

Apart from histones, chromatin at higher level of coiling requires which proteins?

[A] Neo Histone complex proteins
[B] None Histone chromatic proteins
[C] Non histone chromosomal proteins
[D] None of the above