NCERT Locomotive movement Objective questions,solution NTA NEET

Locomotion and Movement Mock Exam-2

Question No:1

How many types of muscles can be identified depending upon the location?

[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4

Question No:2

Which of the following is incorrect about skeletal muscles?

[A] Striped appearance under microscope hence called striated muscle
[B] They are Voluntary muscle
[C] Primarily involved in locomotory actions and changes of body postures
[D] They are Involuntary muscles

Question No:3

Which of the following is incorrect about visceral muscles?

[A] Non-striated muscle (Smooth muscle)
[B] Involuntary muscle
[C] Located in inner walls of hollow visceral organs of the body
[D] They are under in voluntary control

Question No:4

Smooth muscles help in

[A] transportation of food through the digestive tract
[B] transfer of gametes through genital tract
[C] micturition by urinary bladder
[D] all

Question No:5

Cardiac muscle is characterized by

[A] striated appearance
[B] involuntary control
[C] branching pattern
[D] all

Question No:6

Which muscle is not under direct control of nervous system?

[A] Skeletal (Striated muscles)
[B] Smooth (Non-striated muscles)
[C] Cardiac muscles
[D] All

Question No:7

Muscle fibre is a

[A] anatomical unit of muscle
[B] physiological unit of muscle
[C] biochemical unit of muscle
[D] none

Question No:8

Each organized skeletal muscle in our body is made up of a number of muscle bundles or fascicles held together by a common collagenous connective tissue layer called

[A] Tunicine
[B] Fascia
[C] Pellicle
[D] Capsule

Question No:9

Select the correct matching from the following:

[A] Plasma membrane of muscle fibre – Sarcolemma
[B] Cytoplasm of muscle fiber — Sarcoplasm
[C] Endoplasmic reticulum of muscle fiber – Sarcoplasmic reticulum
[D] All

Question No:10

Sarcoplasmic reticulum is a storehouse of which ion

[A] Ca2+
[B] Na+
[C] K+
[D] Fe2+

Question No:11

Sarcolemma is a membrane found over

[A] nerve fibre
[B] cardiac muscle
[C] skeletal muscle fibre
[D] heart

Question No:12

The functional unit of the contractile system in the striped muscle is

[A] Z-band
[B] A-band
[C] Myofibril
[D] Sarcomere

Question No:13

Contraction of a muscle is caused by

[A] Myosin
[B] Actin
[D] Actomyosin

Question No:14

The dark bands (A-bands) of a skeletal muscle are known as

[A] Isotropic bands
[B] Anisotropic bands
[C] Intercalated disc
[D] Cross bridges

Question No:15

The light bands (I-bands) of a skeletal muscles are known as

[A] Isotropic bands
[B] Anisotropic bands
[C] Intercalated disc
[D] Cross bridges