NCERT Excretory Products their Elimination grandExam paper NTA NEET

NCERT Excretory Products their Elimination Mock Exam-2

Question No:1

Chief nitrogenous waste product present in urine of frog is

[A] Ammonia
[B] Urea
[C] Uric acid
[D] Allantoin

Question No:2

Nitrogenous waste is excreted mainly as

[A] urea in both frog and tadpole
[B] urea in frog and ammonia in tadpole
[C] uric acid in frog and urea in tadpole
[D] urea in tadpole and ammonia in frog

Question No:3

Urea is derived from

[A] Fats
[B] Amino acids
[C] Carbohydrates
[D] Uric acid

Question No:4

Which of the following sets of animals produce the same substances as their chief excretory product?

[A] Fish, pigeon and frog
[B] Camel, housefly and snake
[C] Frog, monkey and dog
[D] Amoeba, ant and antelope

Question No:5

Which of the following sets of animals are uricotelic?

[A] Fish, snake, fowl and man
[B] Fish, frog, lizard and fowl
[C] Crow, snake, cockroach and lizard
[D] Camel, dog, monkey and man

Question No:6

Excretion of nitrogenous waste product mainly as uric acid by birds is helpful in

[A] conserving body heat
[B] conserving water
[C] eliminating excess water
[D] eliminating excess body heat

Question No:7

Uric acid is formed in human being from

[A] proteins
[B] glucose
[C] purines
[D] pyrimidines

Question No:8

Uric acid is excreted by

[A] Pigeon
[B] Frog
[C] Rabbit
[D] Man

Question No:9

The least toxic nitrogenous waste is

[A] Ammonia
[B] Ammonia + Urea
[C] Urea
[D] Uric acid

Question No:10

Marine teleost fishes excrete

[A] Uric acid
[C] Ammonia
[D] All

Question No:11

Select the correct statement from the following:
(A) In most of invertebrates, excretory structures are in complex tubular forms.
(B) Vertebrates have simple tubular organ as excretory structure like kidney
(C) Protonephridia is primarily concern with excretion
(D) Protonephridia are excretory structure in rotifers, some annelids and cephalochordates (Amphioxus)

[A] A
[B] B
[C] C
[D] D

Question No:12

Excretory and osmoregulatory structure in cockroach is

[A] flame cells
[B] green glands
[C] nephridia
[D] malpighian tubules

Question No:13

The animal which retains urea for hypertonicity is (most appropriate):

[A] elasmobranch
[B] man
[C] bird
[D] amphibian

Question No:14

Malpighian tubules are the excretory organs in

[A] platyhelminths
[B] cockroach
[C] pila
[D] ascaris

Question No:15

In annelids, excretory organs are

[A] Nephridia
[B] Malpighian tubules
[C] Green glands
[D] Kidneys