NEET NCERT CBSE Evolution MCQs,PDFs,Notes,Biology Questions

Evolution Mock Exam-6

Question No:1

Variation may be due to:

[A] Mutation
[B] Genetic recombinant during gametogenesis
[C] Gene flow or genetic drift
[D] All of the above

Question No:2

Hugo de Vries, based on his work on _____, brought forth the idea of mutations.

[A] Pisum, sativum
[B] Lathyrus odoratus
[C] Evening primrose
[D] Lathyms sativus

Question No:3

Mutations are:

[A] Directionless and random
[B] Random and directional
[C] Small variations and directional
[D] Not responsible for evolution

Question No:4

Select the false statement from the following:

[A] Darwinian variations are small and directional.
[B] Saltation is a single large step mutation.
[C] Branching descent and natural selection are the two key concepts of Darwinian theory of evolution.
[D] Mutation is random and progressive in nature.

Question No:5

Abiogenesis means:

[A] Spontaneous generation
[B] Origin of viruses and microbes
[C] Origin of life from living organisms
[D] Origin of life from nonliving organisms

Question No:6

Pasteur’s experiments and similar ones that followed convinced most people that spontaneous generation of life did not happen because:

[A] Pasteur was extremely meticulous.
[B] Pasteur did not boil his flask for a long time.
[C] Pasteur used very fine mesh screens to cover his flask.
[D] Pasteur’s swan-necked flasks ruled out the objection that spoiled air could have contaminated his experiments.

Question No:7

The early belief of the spontaneous origin of life was disproved by:

[A] Lederberg
[B] Robert Koch
[C] Louis Pasteur
[D] Charles Darwin

Question No:8

Who said that organisms develop from pre-existing organisms?

[A] Aristotle
[B] Louis Pasteur
[C] Alexander Oparin
[D] Thomas Hunt Morgan

Question No:9

The idea that life originates from pre-existing life is referred to as:

[A] Biogenesis theory
[B] Abiogenesis theory
[C] Extraterrestrial theory
[D] Special creation theory

Question No:10

Life was created by some supernatural power. This theory is:

[A] Abiogenesis
[B] Spore theory
[C] Special creation theory
[D] Spontaneous generation

Question No:11

Life came from outer space—This theory is:

[A] Spore theory
[B] Naturalistic theory
[C] Special creation theory
[D] Spontaneous generation

Question No:12

About how long ago was the Earth formed?

[A] 3.0 billion years ago
[B] 10 billion years ago
[C] 4.6 billion years ago
[D] 20 billion years ago

Question No:13

‘Modern theory of origin of rife’ was propounded by:

[A] Oparin
[B] Miller
[C] Darwin
[D] (c) Khorana

Question No:14

A. I. Oparin was a:

[A] Polish biologist
[B] Russian biochemist
[C] Belgian nutritionist
[D] Swedish cosmologist

Question No:15

Oparin’s theory of ‘Origin of life’ is based on:

[A] Chemical evolution
[B] Cosmic evolution
[C] Artificial synthesis
[D] Organic evolution