CBSE Class-XII Biology Evolution NEET 2021,Zoology MCQs,PDFs,

Evolution Mock Exam-11

Question No:1

The theory of use and disuse of organs was given by:

[A] Lamarck
[B] Darwin
[C] Weismann
[D] Hugo de Vries

Question No:2

The most important theory of evolution was proposed by:

[A] Beadle and Tatum
[B] Watson and Crick
[C] Darwin and Wallace
[D] Mendel and Morgan

Question No:3

The concepts of natural selection in evolution were proposed by:

[A] Hugo de Vries
[B] Charles Darwin
[C] August Weismann
[D] Jean Baptiste de Lamarck

Question No:4

Darwin travelled hi which ship?

[A] H.N.S. Eagle
[B] Titanic
[C] H.M.S. Beagle
[D] D. Marrica

Question No:5

The main point of Darwin’s theory is:

[A] Variation
[B] Mutation
[C] Enormous fertility
[D] Natural selection

Question No:6

Survival of fittest is possible due to:

[A] Overproduction
[B] Favourable variations
[C] Environmental changes
[D] Inheritance of acquired characters

Question No:7

The theory of natural selection of Darwin:

[A] Does not explain fossils
[B] Is completely changed
[C] Has the first theory of organic evolution
[D] Has failed in explaining origin of variations

Question No:8

Darwin was influenced by reading the essays of:

[A] Wallace
[B] Spencer
[C] Mendel
[D] Malthus

Question No:9

Which one provides correct sequence of events in origin of species according to Darwinism?
(A) Natural selection
(B) Variations and their inheritance
(C) Survival of fittest
(D) Struggle for existence

[A] A,B,C,D
[B] B,D,C,A
[C] D,B, C,A
[D] B,C,A,D

Question No:10

Which of the following is not under Darwin’s theory of natural selection?

[A] Over production
[B] Survival of fittest
[C] Causes of variation
[D] Struggle for existence

Question No:11

Which one of the following phenomena supports Darwin’s concept of natural selection in organic evolution?

[A] Development of transgenic animals
[B] Prevalence of pesticide resistant insects
[C] Production of ‘Dolly’ the sheep by cloning
[D] Development of organs from ‘stem cells’ for organ transplantation

Question No:12

The breeding of plants and animals by humans is termed as:

[A] Natural selection
[B] Founder effect
[C] Neutral variation
[D] Artificial selection

Question No:13

Improved race of pigeons have been developed by:

[A] Natural selection
[B] Artificial selection
[C] Protective selection
[D] Environmental selection

Question No:14

Most modern breeds of domestic dog have been evolved through:

[A] Isolation
[B] Sexual selection
[C] Artificial selection
[D] Natural selection

Question No:15

Mutation theory explaining organic evolution was proposed by:

[A] E. Darwin
[B] W. Harvey
[C] Hugo de Vries
[D] Louis Pasteur